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How to Unlock Infernal Castle Secret Dungeon in Octopath Traveler 2

Secret Secret Dungeon
bridge to the secret dungeon
Image Via Square Enix

Everyone loves secret and bonus levels in games. In a game like Octopath Traveler, you really want to be rewarded for completing the story or not want the experience to be over. No stranger to a bonus dungeon, Octopath Traveler II gives us more of what we love. Of course, that also means you have to have a secret way into the secret dungeon. Here’s how to unlock the Infernal Castle Secret Dungeon in Octopath Traveler 2.

How to Unlock the Infernal Abyss

Of course, the Infernal Abyss is located underneath the Infernal Castle. However, you do not actually enter the Castle to get to the Abyss. When you are ready and have completed the game, fast-travel to Stormhail. Make sure you have Partitio, Agnea, Ochette, and Temenos in your party.

You will be using their path actions of Hire, Allure, Befriend, and Guide to bring at least 3 NPCs of any kind of your choosing to follow the party. Remember all these actions affect every NPC that has the corresponding icon for that action. You can use any NPC you like from anywhere. It doesn’t have to be from Stormhail so you can get creative.

You will need 7 people in your group for the dungeon entrance to trigger. Travel to the Southern Stormhairl Snows area and take an immediate left down some stairs. This will lead you to the area known as “Beneath the Wall”.

Walk your party across the first bridge in the middle after you hit the nearby save point. This will automatically trigger an event if you have 7 people and the bridge will collapse. This seems to imply 8 people exceed the weight limit of the bridge. Your party will fall down into what is known as the Infernal Abyss, AKA the secret dungeon of the Infernal Castle.

Inside the Abyss

The dungeon is full of high-level equipment such as The Stone of Truth legendary arm. The stone of Truth grants a permanent boost to Spell Intensity at the start of every encounter.

You will also encounter the bonus secret boss, the returning Dreadwolf from the first game. The chest that contains The Stone of Truth is only accessible after you’ve beaten the Dreadwolf.

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