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How to Unlock Fishing in Potion Permit

Reel in a big one.
Image via MassHive Media/PQube

Everyone loves a good fishing mini-game. In fact, I know more than a few people who bought games they were otherwise disinterested in just to play their included fishing mini-games. As a life simulator game, Potion Permit unsurprisingly has a fishing mini-game of its own, though you need to unlock it first. Here’s how to unlock fishing in Potion Permit.

How to Unlock Fishing in Potion Permit

Before you can unlock fishing in Potion Permit, you need to have completed the game’s introductory quests and gotten free rein of Moonbury Town. You’ll need to complete every quest up to “Clearing the Landslide” to get to this point, after which there’s a good chance you’ll stumble onto the fishing materials by accident while completing that quest.

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To be specific, in order to go fishing at any spot in Moonbury Town, you’ll need at least a Basic Fishing Rod and one piece of bait. The place you need to visit is Primerose Sail, a fishing shop based out of a boat that’s docked on the northwest side of town. Visit Primerose Sail and speak with the proprietor, Leano, to receive your Basic Fishing Rod and three Worms for bait. Just a heads up, while that first stack of bait is complimentary, you’ll need to purchase any more bait going forward.

How to Fish

Now that you’ve got your Basic Fishing Rod and bait, find a fishing spot. The first official fishing spot is located right next to Moonbury Park, so that’s a good place to start.

potion permit fish sign
Image via MassHive Media/PQube

When you stand on a fishing spot and pull out your rod, a power meter will appear. This meter determines how far you’ll cast your line; let it fill all the way for a long cast, or stop it early for a short cast. When the lure is in the water, slowly reel it in to get the attention of any nearby fish. When you’ve got a bite, an exclamation point will appear, so that’s when you need to start reeling.

Pay close attention to both the color of your line and the emojis that appear above the fish. If your line is too tight or not tight enough, the line will begin turning red and eventually snap. Either reel harder or give it some slack, depending on what’s necessary. As for the fish, if an angry emoji appears over it, that means it’s struggling and pulling away from you. Give it some slack and let it swim around until it switches to an exhausted emoji. When it’s tired, you can really lean into the rod and reel that sucker in.

Once you reel the fish all the way to your spot, you’ll pull it out of the water. Congrats, you’ve caught a fish! Or, in some cases, weirdly tenacious inanimate objects! Fishing is not an exact science, just roll with it.

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