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How to Feed and Take Care of Your Dog in Potion Permit

The most important question answered
You can pet the dog in Potion Permit
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Yes! You can pet the dog in Potion Permit! Now with that most important question answered and out of the way, we can talk about how to take care of your dog. Indeed not only petting, but you must feed your companion and make sure he is well taken care of. Like other aspects of Potion Permit, the love your furry friend has for you helps and adds to the game. Eventually, his love with grow and you will be greatly rewarded. Here is how you take care of your dog in Potion Permit.

Interacting with Your Dog and showing Love

At the start of the game, along with picking and choosing your own character’s look and name, you can name the dog whatever you like. His default name is Noxe and your mentor makes it clear he hopes the pooch will help you in your journey. Once you’ve named your dog the next thing you will want to take note of him is of course how to interact. If you are using the keyboard you will whistle for your dog’s attention with the O key and interact with the K key. From there you will be able to pet it, which will gain you more love and affinity with your pupper. You will also be able to do this to feed your dog as well. More on that later.

If you are using controller aspects such as Xbox or PlayStation, it will be the right bottom trigger button toe whistle for attention. Then once you face the dog you just press the A or X button and choose your interaction.

Feeding Your Dog

Feeding your dog will be the most important interaction you can have with them. They will tire quickly, or at least once a day on average following you around and helping you forage for materials. All you have to do is whistle for them to come to attention and interact with them. Move to the food icon once you have their attention and click on it and you can feed them just about anything. So far no food has seemed to have a bad reaction with the pup but probably stick to meat or food you yourself can also eat for stamina.

Feeding and petting your dog will add slowly to affinity and affection from your pooch. Once their bar is filled you will most likely be given a gift or the dog will be able to perform new feats for you to help aid you on your journey. Don’t forget to pet the dog every day as well as feed it and the affinity bar should raise to full in no time.

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