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How to Unlock Captain Price ‘Bad Boonie’ Skin in MW2

"These Russian dogs are like pussycats compared to the ones in Pripyat"
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Who does not want to play as the Legend, Captain Price? In Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, players will get the opportunity to play as Captain Price himself by obtaining the ‘Bad Boonie’ Operator Skin. Following on from Episode 1 of the Atomgrad Raid, a new Mode added in for players who enjoy the Destiny Raid formula of fighting powerful foes whilst completing objectives on the side. As Season 2 Reloaded is out, Episode 2 of Atomgrad Raid is available for everyone who has purchased Modern Warfare 2. This is our guide on how to unlock the ‘Bad Boonie’ Operator Skin.

How to Unlock ‘Bad Boonie’ Operator Skin

The ‘Bad Bonnie’ Operator Skin to channel your inner Captain Price can only be obtained one way. This is through completing the second Episode of the Atomgrad Raid, titled Special Ops Raid. Following on from the events in the first Episode, you, alongside a team of two, you will need to complete the Raid to unlock ‘Bad Boonie’. Unlike the first Raid, players do not have specific requirements to accessing the Raid. For Episode 1, players were previously required to complete a set of Missions in order to access the Atomgrad Raid. These were to complete Daily Challenges, get a top 20 placement within Warzone and to exfil with $30,000 in DMZ.

How to Prepare for the Raid

Unlike other Game Modes in Call of Duty, the Raid stresses the importance of which Kit you use to take on its challenges. Each player on the three-man squad can choose their Kit that focusses on a particular set of skills. These are the Assault, Recon and Medic Kits. Depending on your playstyle will determine which Kit you want to level up to increase your benefits. With Assault Kits focussed on providing extra Armor in a fight, Medic providing faster revives to keep your team in the fight for longer. Whilst a Tier 3 Recon Kit will provide extra support from the Sentry Gun to mow down enemies, saving your ammo and giving you the opportunity to reposition without getting hit.

We highly recommending levelling up the Assault Kit for the majority of players as this will act as the perfect balance for Soldiers who are used to the way Call of Duty plays. However, when preparing for the Raid it is safe to have each member on your Squad well trained in each Kit so that when you head into the Raid you will have a squad mate rocking each Kit to provide support across all fields.

That is how to get the ‘Bad Boonie’ Captain Price Operator Skin in Modern Warfare 2. For more Call of Duty content, feel free to see our related on Gamer Journalist.

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