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How to Unlock Ancient Virgil Skin Roblox Sakura Stand

You've got your work cut out for you...
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Roblox Sakura Stand is a fighting simulator inspired by the anime and manga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. In this game, you can acquire stands and specs to fight your enemies. Also, you can grab skins for you fighting method, and there is none more wanted than the Ancient Virgil skin. Here’s how to get the Ancient Virgil Skin in Sakura Stand.

How to get the Ancient Virgil Skin in Sakura Stand

You really do have your work cut out for you if you want the Ancient Virgil skin in Sakura Stand. Before you even try to get this skin, you’ll need the True Anubis Stand.

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How to get the True Anubis Stand in Sakura Stand

True Anubis is a tough stand to get in Sakura Stand. You’ll need to visit Haki, who is an NPC sitting on the bench next to the park, and complete a lengthy quest chain. The first quest will have you paying him $1,000 and doing him a favour. After the quest is complete, you’ll get a Haunted Sword . Don’t use it yet.

Once you have the Haunted Sword, you can pay Haki another $2,500 for the second part of the quest. Once completed, you will receive the True Anubis sword in return for your Haunted Sword. Once you use that item, you’ll get the True Anubis stand.

Getting the Ancient Virgil skin in Sakura Stand

With the True Anubis stand active, you should head over to the cafe, near the Park. Talk to Asakura, as this NPC provides the stand skin service. For $350, you can spin a wheel for a chance to get a skin for your current weapon. To get the Ancient Virgil skin, you’ll need to have the True Anubis stand and roll the ancient-rarity skin, which you can get at a 0.0625% chance. With near-impossible odds, you’ll be spinning for a long, long time.

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