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How to get all Stands in Sakura Stand

Make sure to get your favourite!
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Sakura Stand is a Roblox fighter experience inspired by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. You will be fighting other players to increase your level and mastery, with the help of stands of specs. Stands will fight for you, and will give you a huge array of moves to wipe your opponent out with. Here’s how to get every stand in Sakura Stand.

How to get Every Stand in Sakura Stand

Below is a detailed list telling you what you need to know to get each stand in Sakura Stand.

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Using the Arrow

All of the following stands have a chance to be acquired upon using the arrow item whilst you are Standless, without a stand or spec. Arrows can be bought from the store for $100. Arrows can also be found from boxes or chests, at a low chance.

  • Crazy Diamond.
  • Star Platinum.
  • Awakened Dio.
  • Golden Experience.
  • White Snake.
  • Emperor.

Using the Mysterious Camera

All of the following stands require the mysterious camera to be acquired, under certain conditions. The mysterious camera can be bought from the store for $1500. It can also be found in boxes or chests at a low chance.

  • Summer Time – Will be acquired if the season is Summer.
  • Rainy Time – Will be acquired if the season is Autumn or Spring.
  • Winter Time – Will be acquired if the season is Winter.

Unique Stands

Below is a list of the unique stands, who have their own requirements of being acquired.

  • Gold Experience Requiem – Can be acquired by using Requiem Arrow when you have the Gold Experience Stand activated. The Requiem Arrow can be obtained by completing the quest given by a Polnareff Turtle. Such a turtle has a 50% chance to spawn randomly every 2 hours.
  • Anubis – Can be acquired by using a Haunted Sword whilst you are Standless. You can obtain the Haunted Sword by completing Hika’s Quest. Hika is located sitting at a bus stop next to the Park. It will cost you $1000.
  • True Anubis – Can be acquired by completing Hika’s “Wielder of Death” quest.
  • Anubis Requiem – Can be obtained by doing the Quick-Time events in the Thunder Ring during stormy weather, but only if you have Anubis as your stand.

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