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How to Unlock All Teleporters in Slime Rancher: All Teleporter Locations Revealed

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2-way teleporter in slime rancher
Image via Monomi Park

Slime Rancher is a very expansive game. A busy rancher may find themselves stressed trying to do all of their activities whilst running around the large mass that is the Far, Far Range. Thankfully, the game recognizes the struggles of trying to zip around in a speedy manner, and so teleporters can be found dotted around. If you want shortcuts and an easier time, but aren’t sure of where the teleporters are, then here is your list of all naturally appearing teleporters in Slime Rancher and how to activate them.

All One-Way Teleporters

One-way teleporters are those that will teleport you to a location, but once there, you cannot travel back to that point. Here are all of them and their locations:

All Teleporters that Lead Back to the Ranch

teleporter in ranch in slime rancher
Image via Monomi Park
  • In the Moss Blanket. This exit teleporter is found after the water pass, about halfway into the region to the East.
  • In the Indigo Quarry. This exit teleporter is found near the very end, behind the ramp that takes you to the last section.
  • In the Ancient Ruins. This exit teleporter is found at the end to the left of the doorway of the final chamber.
  • In the Glass Desert. This teleporter is found in the middle of the zone, under the Tangle Gordo. Once popped, the teleporter will activate.

All Teleporters that Don’t Lead to the Ranch

  • All the scattered temperamental teleporters scattered around The Wilds lead back to Ogden’s retreat.
  • The teleporter at the end of Ogden’s retreat leads to a random teleporter in The Wilds
  • A button in Viktor’s workshop (once your inventory is empty) will take you to the Slimeulation.
  • One door in the Slimeulation will teleport you back to Viktor’s workshop.

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All Two-Way Teleporters

Two-way teleporters are two teleporters that are linked and active, allowing you to travel between the two teleporters constantly whenever you please. Here are all the two-way teleporters in Slime Rancher.

All Teleporters Leading Between the Far, Far Range:

  • Teleporters between the Dry Reef and the Overgrowth. Next to the bridge leading to the moss blanket, at the end of the Dry Reef is a Tabby Gordo. Once popped, a link between that teleporter and the ranch expansion the Overgrowth will activate.
teleporter between dry reef and overgrowth in slime rancher
Image via Monomi Park
  • Teleporters between The Beach and Ring Island. Walk over to The Beach, off the shore on a tiny island is a Tabby Gordo. Popping it will reveal a teleporter that leads to the Ring Island and back.
  • Teleporters between the Indigo Quarry and the Grotto. Inside the first full cave in the Indigo Quarry is a Rock Gorgo that hides a teleporter. Once popped, the teleporter will link to and activate a teleporter in the ranch expansion, the Grotto.
  • Teleporters between Indigo Quarry and Ash Isle. Flying over the broken bridge in the Indigo Quarry and traveling down the small and dangerous path will lead to a Rock Gordo hiding a teleporter to Ash Isle. Popping it will link both teleporters allowing travel.
  • Teleporters between the Slime Sea and Moustache Island. Jetpacking over to the furthest small island in the Slime Sea will reveal an already active teleporter that will lead to the Moustache Island.

All teleporters leading from the Far, Far Range to Other Rancher’s Expansions:

  • Teleporters between the Overgrowth and Ogden’s Retreat. Once doing a trade task with Ogden, the teleporter on the way to the Overgrowth will activate (as soon as he sends the email) creating a link.
  • Teleporters between the Grotto and Mochi’s Manor. Once doing a trade task with Mochi, the teleporter in the Grotto, right at the entrance, will activate (as soon as she sends the email) creating a link.
teleporter to mochi's manor in slime rancher
Image via Monomi Park
  • Teleporters between The Lab and Viktor’s Workshop. Once doing a trade task with Viktor, the teleporter in The Lab will activate (as soon as he sends the email) creating a link.

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