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How to Make Drones in Slime Rancher

Everyone could use a helping hand... or tractor beam.
drone in slime rancher
Image via Monomi Park

Slime Rancher is a very hands-on game. From exploring and collecting yourself, you really have your hands full. Sometimes it may feel overwhelming, as you try to get your priorities in order as you balance keeping your slimes happy and fed, harvesting the crops, preparing to feed that gordo, exploring, collecting slime science resources and selling plorts, as well as the other hundred tasks you need. If you can relate to that predicament, then a drone is exactly what you need. Here is how to craft and use a drone in Slime Rancher.

How to craft a drone in Slime Rancher

drone requirements in slime rancher
Image via Monomi Park

Drones are acquired through the wonders of Slime Science.

Firstly, you’ll need to have access to the ranch expansion ‘the lab’, for 10,000 Newbucks. You’ll then need to buy the blueprint for the drone for an additional 2,000 Newbucks. As soon as you have the blueprint, you’ll merely need the materials to fabricate it.

Not only does the drone require a lot of different plorts, but also some Slime Science resources. Wild Honey and Hexacomb are harvested through the Apiary extractor in the Moss Blanket. Jellystone can be uncovered by the Drill extractor in the Indigo Quarry. You’ll have to do some hunting and harvesting to find all the resources necessary.

As soon as all the plorts and resources are deposited in the Refinery, you will be able to go to the fabricator and craft the Drone, at which point it will be stored in your Gadget Inventory, waiting for you to place it. Simply toggle gadget mode and place the drone station in the expansion you want it to operate in.

The expansion in which you place the drone will be the expansion in which it operates, so be careful! You can place it anywhere in that expansion as the drone will be flying around doing its tasks.

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How to use drones in Slime Rancher

Drones are incredibly versatile – and adorable. The dronestation, once placed, will wait for you to programme instructions into it for it to carry out.

drone programming in slime rancher
Image via Monomi Park

You will have to select what you want the drone to be transporting. This can be general, from ‘plorts’ or ‘veggies’ or specific individual items.

These drones can pick up every item you can. You must then select where you want the drones to pick up the target item from. This can be from any storage unit or from the ground. Once a source is set, the drone will ignore the target item from any other receptacle.

Then you must select where you want the drone to drop off the target item, be it a silo, plort market, or refinery link.

With the target, source, and destination set, the drone will go about and perform the tasks you want it to, automating one part of your job! These drones won’t run forever though, you’ll need to replenish the station’s water supply to keep it going.

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