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How to unlock a UFO/Spaceship in Goat Simulator 3

Goat is the real alien.
Three UFOs in the sky in Goat Simulator 3
Image via Gamer Journalist

Out of all the cool things you can do in Goat Simulator 3, unlocking UFOs probably takes the spot of being the coolest one. You can even fly a UFO around the map, pointing a light beam at objects and humans to suck them towards the spaceship. The game has also given a shoot function in the UFO.

As great as it sounds, unlocking spaceships is hard work. We will break down everything for you, helping you unlock them easily.

How to complete 5G Upgrade Event in Goat Simulator 3

The 5G Upgrade event is your gateway to unlock the UFOs. We have marked the locations of all 5G infrastructures around the map of the game with white squares.

Location of 5G Towers around the map.
Image via Gamer Journalist

Follow the map and go to each 5G tower. Once you reach them, you will see two mini towers and a single tall tower in the area. The aim is to connect them with electricity. There will be an open electric source somewhere in the area which you can use.

5G Upgrade Towers in Goat Simulator 3
Image via Gamer Journalist

Go near the leaking electric source and carry the charge to the spherical looking mini towers to connect them. The charge will stay on you for a limited time. However, you can use the environment for grinding off wires or jumping off things to reach each tower quickly. Each 5G upgrade location will post a new challenge.

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Once you solve the 5G Upgrade, the electric signal from the three tall towers will reach an enormous building in Downtown. This will trigger UFOs to appear in the sky.

Climbing the tall Building

After completing the 5G Upgrade event, go to Downtown and try to climb the tall building.

Goat Jumping off a net in order to climb a building
Image via Gamer Journalist

You can use many things in the environment to climb the building. Use the boxes, safety nets and lifts to make your way to the top. Once you reach the tip of the building, the goat will automatically enter a mini UFO.

Goat in a UFO in Goat Simulator 3
Image via Gamer Journalist

After getting in the UFO, you can use it to move around the entire map of Goat Simulator 3. That’s all.

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