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How to Transfer Items From Personal Inventory to Ship Inventory in Starfield – Storage Guide

Lower the load
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In a game all about seeing how far the universe goes, and seemingly having an infinity to explore, slow-motion can be a killer for immersion and entertainment. Whilst you may want a realistic setting of carrying too much gear that your pacing slows down drastically, feeling like black bars are permanently on your screen for a dramatic and cinematic viewing of Starfield, there is no reason to not be able to shift that weight so that you can freely explore each planet at a normal rate. Although we all want to feel like the first human to walk on a new planet, we do not need our Inventory to halter our movement so much that we actually look and move like Neil Armstrong on the moon. This is Vincent’s guide on how to lower your Mass and transfer Personal Inventory Items into the Ship’s Storage in Starfield.

How to Transfer Inventory Items into Ship Storage in Starfield

In true RPG fashion, Starfield has a beloved mechanic of weight for your character. This outlines how much your character can hold at once on their person to stop players from running around with an infinite amount of gear and still be able to use the sprint button freely. Whilst the weight does not get put on visually like Death Stranding, nor does it result in the painful slo-mo rolls in Dark Souls; it instead stops players from using the sprint button in game if the weight gets too much for your traveller. You will find yourself holding way too many items incredibly early in the game and if you do not know where to go to drop your gear off, you could find yourself discarding items you actually need just to ease the load.

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Firstly, you need to access whether you are holding too many items in your Inventory. To do this, simply open your Character’s Inventory Screen and peer at the bottom-left corner of the menu to see your Credits and Mass. Mass in this case is your Load or Weight. This can of course be increased over time but for now, you need to make sure that you are never going over your limit as it can stop you from evading threats and can make your life an absolute misery getting around the terrain you are trying to explore. To begin the process of moving Inventory Items into the Ship’s Storage Box, you need to first board your ship. Once you are inside, open your Character Menu and go into Inventory. You will see an option for Cargo Hold (LB on Xbox), open this and from here you can transfer any Inventory Items directly into the Ship Storage to lower your Mass and get back to exploring.

That was our guide on how to move Inventory into the Cargo Hold on your Ship’s Storage for Starfield. For more content traveller, be sure to see all of our coverage at our Starfield section at Gamer Journalist. Thank you for reading this guide, we hope it was helpful in lightening the load.

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