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How to Switch Themes in LEGO Brawls

There's a Wealth of Possibility!
LEGO Brawls Main Menu
Image via Red Games

LEGO Brawls delivers a unique variant of epic, PvP platform fighting that revolves around themes. In the game’s demo, there are 12 unique themes that contain different minifigures and items to unlock. There’s Alien Conquest, Castle, Hidden Side, Jurassic World, Monkie Kid, Ninjago, Ninjago Prime, Ninjago Seabound, Pirate, Space, Vidiyo, and Western. Think of each theme like its own unique battle pass with new items and minifigs that can be obtained by playing the game. Here’s how to switch your theme!

How to Switch Themes in LEGO Brawls

It can be a little tricky to change themes in LEGO Brawls. Let’s say you initially picked Western, but you’d like to switch to Vidiyo. Here’s how to do that:

On the main menu (where it shows your character, along with options for BRAWL, PARTY, BRAWLERS, and COLLECTION), click / tap the percentage bar to the bottom-right.

LEGO Brawls Theme Menu
Image via Red Games

On the theme menu (where you should see the various items and minifigures you can earn), click / tap the button on the left that reads CHANGE THEME.

LEGO Brawls Change Theme
Image via Red Games

It’s on this third menu that you’ll be able to select which theme you’d like to play within. It’s important to remember that each theme has their own items and minifigs that you can earn by playing the game. As soon as you’ve selected the theme you’d like, simply return to the main menu to jump back in the game!

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How to Progress in LEGO Brawls Themes

In order to unlock the unique minifigures and items in each theme, you need studs. You can earn studs by playing the game! At the end of each match, you’ll earn a number of studs based on your performance! It may take some time for you to earn the minifig or item you’re after. But, that’s the name of the game! Get back to the grind and earn yourself some studs!

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