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How to Survive Green in Roblox Rainbow Friends

Play to your strengths, and fend off this green gangly creature!
Roblox rainbow friends screenshot of green monster
Image via Roblox Corporation

Roblox Rainbow Friends is one of the more thrilling horror games out right now. In which players must survive five nights while cartoonish monsters attempt to kill them in their sleep. While a couple of these colorful creatures are rather easy to evade, it’s the Green Monster that players seem to be having trouble with.

In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know about how to survive Green in Roblox Rainbow Friends.

How to Survive Green in Roblox Rainbow Friends

In Roblox Rainbow Friends, there are four monster that attempt to kill you over the course of five nights. Your goal is to fend off these colored enemies, advance to new levels and collect various items spread throughout the game. Although, players often have the most difficult time when they get to the second night and the Green Monster appears.

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Every monster in Roblox Rainbow Friends is more dangerous that the last. Meaning that Green will be harder to survive than Blue but easier to survive than Orange and Purple, on average. One important aspect to consider is that Green is completely blind, meaning that he can’t see you when you’re near him. It’s also easy to know when he’s close by because you will hear his squeaky footsteps.

That being said, Green is a gigantic monster with long limbs and incredibly strong hearing. He will also attempt to trick you by blocking passages or items that you might need. So, the best way to survive Green in Roblox Rainbow Friends is by either running far away or standing completely still and being as quiet as possible. Since Green is blind, if you stay silent and motionless, you should go undetected.

That’s everything you need to know about how to survive Green in Roblox Rainbow Friends. If you’re interested in more Roblox content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find information like our Roblox Phantom Forces weapons tier list or all chest locations in Roblox Critical Legends.

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