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How to Surrender in Starfield

A night in jail or a fight to the death? Your choice
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Having the freedom to get up to pretty much anything in Starfield can release some urges you didn’t know you had. We have all likely grown up playing games such as Grand Theft Auto that allowed us to become the criminal we have fantasied becoming but were too scared to steal that Bag For Life out of Tesco and instead paid that 20p. Grand Theft Auto trained us as criminals, Red Dead Redemption trained us to be more compassionate towards civilians, now Starfield looks to enforce their laws onto us. With a blatant difference between NPCs in Cities and enemies that are armed, you should never find yourself attacking a civilian. However, if you do end up shooting someone in one of these Cities, there are instant repercussions, similar to Heat in GTA. If you want to avoid getting into trouble, this is Vincent’s guide on how to Surrender in Starfield.

How to Surrender and When to Use it in Starfield

Surrendering is something that you will get used to doing in Starfield if you are a lawless space fiend who enjoys causing a scene on every planet you visit. Whilst you have complete freedom to do whatever you please in each planet you choose to explore, there is a price to attacking civilians that reside in the Cities. If you were to accidently or purposefully attack an unarmed NPC, you will be chased down by the law enforcers in the area who will attempt to arrest you. If you resist arrest, fight back, or try to run, it will result in a bounty being placed on your head and you will become a space fugitive whose bounty increases with every crime that is committed. But if you want to avoid being a criminal, this is what you need to do to Surrender to authorities and avoid a bullet to the head.

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Every action is tallied and a system is in place, much like Morality in that your actions reflect your character as a whole. If you attack someone in broad daylight, with witnesses around, you will be approached by the law enforcers in the area who will either attack you or try to reason with you by offering out a fine or time in jail. To try and avoid being attacked, all you need to do is Surrender your weapon by placing it back into its holster (hold R on PC). This will initiate the conversation between yourself and the officer who will give you the choice to either pay a fine or go to jail.

If you have already committed crimes that have tallied up a large bounty on your head, this option will be removed from you and no amount of concealing your weapon will stop the law from coming down on you. Instead of an arrest though, they will simply open fire on you, meaning that you will either have to fight or run as surrendering is not an option here.

That was our quick guide on how to Surrender in Starfield. For more on this Bethesda game, be sure to check out our Starfield section at Gamer Journalist. Thank you for reading this guide, we hope it got you out of trouble with the law!

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