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How to Start Your First Show in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode

Here's how to get started
WWE 2K23 Universe Mode Show Start Screen
Image via 2K

Universe Mode is one of the most popular features in the WWE2K series. For many, it’s the only reason they play the game. The mode has felt stagnant for quite sometime now as the foundation of its current iteration was built upon the Universe Mode of WWE 2K16. With WWE 2K23, there have been a few changes that freshen things up a bit. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get started in the mode with your first show.

How to Start Your First Show in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode

WWE 2K23 Universe Mode Edit Show
Image via 2K

To put on a show in Universe Mode, you’ll need a roster first. Go to the edit shows option on the universe mode homescreen and then select the show you want to edit or you can create your own. Just be aware that minor shows don’t have rivalry matches. Once you’ve selected a show, choose from any of the 200 plus men and women available to create your roster. Once you’ve chosen your roster, you should customize the show to your liking next. Go under show details under edit show and you’ll find the following options:

  • Show Name
  • Referee
  • Screen Filter
  • Match-Up Screen
  • Transistion
  • Replay Screen Design
  • Arena
  • Commentary
  • Location
  • Show Image
  • Watermark Image
  • Overlay Design

Feel free to edit the number of matches on the show as well.

Another important aspect of Universe Mode is the division system. This lets you choose which wrestlers compete for certain championships. You can freely move members of your roster up or down in the rankings. They can even be removed from a championship division entirely. With these settings in place, you can start your first show in Universe. Go to the start show option on the main menu to begin. From here you can select a match to edit or play.

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