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How to Solve Shadaloo Invasion Stage 3 Puzzle in Street Fighter Duel

You'll need specific movement if you're going to complete this puzzle
How to Solve Shadaloo Invasion Stage 3 puzzle in Street Fighter Duel featured image
Image via Capcom/Crunchyroll Games

Street Fighter Duel has wasted no time collaborating with other popular Capcom games. The Monster Hunter collaboration event has brought a new character, new missions, and new puzzles for players to participate in. One of these event modes ties into the base games Shadaloo invasions. There’s a special invasion grid that players will be able to take part in. These grids place you in a car and will require you to fight challenging fighters as you drive your way toward the end of the map. There will be times that certain puzzles will need to be completed in order to advance, and in the 3rd and final stage for the Monster Invasion event, it can get tricky. Let’s draw some new fighters and figure out how to solve Shadaloo Invasion Stage 3 Puzzle in Street Fighter Duel.

How to Solve Shadaloo Invasion Stage 3 Puzzle in Street Fighter Duel

How to Solve Shadaloo Invasion Stage 3 puzzle in Street Fighter Duel Ryu
Image via Capcom/Crunchyroll Games

The Monster Hunter event brings 3 new Shadaloo Invasion stages to Street Fighter Duel. These stages can take the form of an ice puzzle, portal puzzle, or even a crate puzzle. For stage 3, they opted to have a crate puzzle. This requires 3 crates to be placed on specific red squares in order to advance from the area.

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Use the orange teleporter on the right side of Stage 3 in order to start this puzzle. When you start this area, the crates will be places in an L-shaped pattern in front of you. Moving one of these the wrong way can ruin your chances at moving them to the right places. Thankfully there is a reset button in the bottom right of the screen if any players mess up. Here are the steps you will need to take in order to solve the Shadaloo Invasion stage 3 puzzle:

  1. When you first portal in, move the box in front of you 2 spaces
  2. With your car placed in between the red spaces, move the box to your left 1 space
  3. Go back down towards the portal, move to the left to be in front of the only box you haven’t moved yet, and move it forward 1 space
  4. Move your car to the left and push the left box 1 space forward
  5. Go back in between the red spaces and a box should be to your left, move that box 1 space to the left
  6. You should have a pathway upwards, move above the only box on a red space and move it 3 spaces downward onto the red square closest to the portal you entered
  7. Go to the left of the two boxes you placed to the left earlier, you should be able to move to the left of the boxes without having to move them.
  8. Move the box parallel to the singular red square 2 spaces to the right, placing it over the red square
  9. Then, place your car above the box you just moved and move it 2 spaces downward, placing it right next to the other box you moved in step 6
  10. Place your car under the final box on the left, and move the box 1 space forward
  11. Move your car to the left of the last box, similar to where your car was in step 7 & 8
  12. Move the final box 2 spaces to the right, and all the boxes will be correctly positioned!

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