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How to Solve All Puzzles in Resident Evil Village DLC Shadows of Rose

The puzzles have returned
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The puzzles of Resident Evil are back with the new Winters’ Expansion DLC. Released October 28th, 2022, Shadows of Rose adds much needed backstory to Ethan Winters’ daughter, Rose. Follow her on her journey through the Megamycete consciousness, going deeper and deeper into her worst fears and the horrors of the Village. As it is always known and experienced in the Resident Evil franchise, players have to solve puzzles and obtain crucial items to progress through the story. Follow this guide on how to solve the puzzles in Shadows of Rose.

How to Solve All Puzzles in Resident Evil Village DLC Shadows of Rose

The Castle

There are two main puzzles in the Castle that are crucial to progressing in this DLC. Whilst, relatively easier than other Resident Evil installments, players still have to go to multiple locations to complete these puzzles.

Puzzle 1: Statue Puzzle Location and Solution

To find the Statues Location you must first obtain the Monocular Key. This key will open the One-Eyed Door in the Courtyard. Once inside, go up the stairs to enter the Hall of Ablution. Here you will see a new enemy that will not attack you yet and copies of Rose in picture frames. How sweet! Walk down the corridor, following its path. You will find a room just before an enemy walks out from the side of the corridor. Ignore him and enter the room to your left. You have found the Statue Puzzle.


The Puzzle goes as follows:
“Although I have just drowned, the arrows’ bite doth sting. They hanged me long ago, yet I feel everything. But still the worst, not last nor first, the sharpened blade did ring.”

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The solution to this puzzle is to push the Statues in the correct order. The order is:
Hanged, Blade, Drown and Arrows.

Puzzle 2: Painting Puzzle Location and Solution

This puzzle can be found in the Gallery on the second floor, the first room adjacent to the staircase. In order to reach this room, you must have obtained the first RW-Variant Flask. Once you have the ability to break the Mold Cores, you will be able to destroy the Core blocking the staircase in the Main Hall.


The puzzle goes as follows:
“The predators stand united, each staring at its prey.”

Image via Capcom

But a painting is missing, you need to find this to complete the puzzle. Use the Monocular Key on the One-Eyed Door in the Courtyard and head up the stairs once you are inside. In the Hall of Ablution there is a locked door just before the Statue Puzzle room. This is where you need to go. In order to unlock that door, you must complete the Statue Puzzle and enter the Wine Cellar below. Play the game as you normally would, obtaining the Silver Mask and returning to this room.

After escaping the enemies in the Cellar, the previously locked door to the Guest Room will now be unlocked. Here you can save your progress and speak to Michael. Go through the double doors in this room, you should now be in the Guest Room Bathroom. The Snake Painting will be there so pick it up and head back to the Gallery.

Once there, remove all paintings that can be removed. The Wolf and Butterfly cannot be removed. From the door to the Three-Eye chest in the wall, place the paintings in the order as follows:

  1. Butterfly (left) – Spider (right)
  2. Frog (left) – Snake (right)
  3. Sheep (left) – Wolf (right)

House Beneviento

After beating Lady Dimetrescu’s Castle, Rose ventures deeper into the consciousness of the Megamycete. She arrives at House Beneviento, being welcomed in with balloons reading: ‘WELCOME ROSE’ and giant Monkey plush toys. Her inventory stolen; she must rely on her flashlight as the only resource to take her through this new horrifying experience. This new sequence is very different to the usual horror we would normally see in Resident Evil. With new enemies of mannequins that only move when you are not looking at them and creepy, murder-hungry dolls with flashlights searching for you in a game of hide and seek. There are 2 puzzles in this new area.

Puzzle 1: Closet lock Puzzle

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This is a smaller simpler puzzle than the rest. This puzzle requires you to find the 6 digit code to unlock the lock that is on the closet in the Study Room. The three separate parts of the combination are hidden around this room:

  • 02 is written inside the locker.
  • 44 is written on the back of the picture, framed on the bookcase.
  • 66 is written on the floor underneath the book covered desk.
  • Enter the code 024466 into the lock dial to open it. Here you will find the scissors to use on the Monkey Toy on the operating table back in the Workshop. Inside the Monkey toy is the Relief of a Child, which can be used in the door to Mother’s room.

Puzzle 2: Doll Puzzle

The slightly trickier puzzle in the Beneviento House is the Doll Puzzle as it relies on you going back and forth between rooms, gathering dolls and placing them in the correct spots relating to the scenes of Rose and the bullies.

There are 3 scenarios and 3 Dolls to locate. The guide to completing this puzzle is as follows:

  • Take the Doll Lucy (Pose 1) from the table to the left of the Workshop.
  • Put the Relief of a Child that you got from the Closet Locker Puzzle and use it to open Mother’s Room. Here you will find the Doll Catherine (Pose 2). Pick the doll up. Now you should have Pose 1 and Pose 2 Dolls.

Scenario 1

  • The first scenario is of Rose and the bullies in the Girls Bathroom, this can be found in the Medicine Room. Place Lucy and Catherine on their corresponding spots to unlock the drawer and obtain Jimmy’s Key. Be sure to pick up the dolls after getting the key.
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  • Go to Jimmy’s Room and unlock the door. Once inside destroy the Mold Core and that will give you access to the well in the centre of the room. Go down the ladder and collect the scribbled name Doll (Pose 3) at the bottom of the well.

Scenario 2

  • Return to Mother’s Room and place the three dolls you have onto the correct placemats in scenario 2 (a Carrie moment). These are- Lucy (Pose 1) on top of the ladder. Catherine (Pose 2) to the right, pointing towards the middle. Scribbled Doll (Pose 3) in the middle, holding the present. This will give you the Black-Haired Doll upon completion.
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Scenario 3

  • Return to the Workshop and position the four Dolls in scenario 3 where Rose’s doll is hanging. Lucy goes bottom left with Catherine next to her, holding a torch. Jimmy stands in front of Rose (to the right of the screen) and the Black-haired Doll stands far right, furthest from the scene.
  • After placing them in the correct spots you will obtain the Breaker Box Key.
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Enjoy the horrors of what comes next. For more related Shadows of Rose content see: All Weapons and How to Unlock in Resident Evil: Shadows of Rose.

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