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How to Slide in The Outlast Trials

A means of escaping the enemy's grasp
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Being able to run away from psychotic foes is at the top of anybody’s list. But having to follow your friends or lead them to the exit can truly test your fight or flight instincts. Will you be the type to act as bait? Can you evade the enemies for long enough to make it back to your friends? You need to keep track of everyone’s location or you can very well end up being left behind. Without being able to fight your way out of the terrible situation you have landed in, it is crucial that you enhance your physical and mental by completing the trials set by Murkoff. For those wondering how to slide in The Outlast Trials to gain a physical advantage against the hostile and terrifying monsters, Vincent’s guide will show you exactly how to get and execute a slide.

How to Slide in The Outlast Trials

For those who remember playing Outlast, you may have remembered the great ability to slide in the game. This can you an advantage to evade enemies, especially in a timed state in which you need to make your way to the exit whilst being chased. Whilst there will be no slip and slide unless it is your friend’s blood this time in The Outlast Trials, sliding does not come as simply as the default controls in this Multiplayer Game. Rather, you will have to earn the right to be able to slide in the trials. In order to slide, you need to purchase a Prescription. These act as the primary method of upgrading your character. As you will have customized your character to fit your mould, you next want to get the right abilities for yourself. But the only way of doing so is by playing through the trials.

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Because slide comes as a Prescription in The Outlast Trials, you will not be able to use this control for a while. For those wondering how to get this ability, we will get into this down below. Once you obtain slide, you can use it by pressing Crouch Button whilst Sprinting to perform a slide.

How to Get Prescriptions

Prescriptions are the Perk System in The Outlast Trials. These offer additional abilities that can be used directly in the game to impact your playthrough. The Perks aid you in inventory use, evading and fighting off enemies and more options in the trial that will impact you and your friends ability to survive longer. In order to purchase a Prescription however, you need to visit Emily Barlow who works at the Pharmacy. You can visit her whenever you complete a trial where you will find multiple Tiers with different Perks in store for you to purchase.

The Slide Perk can be found under Tier 1 and we highly recommend that it is the first Perk you buy to evade enemies for longer. In order to have the funds to purchase Prescriptions, you will need to complete Assignments set by Murkoff Facility. Keep in mind that any Prescription you buy cannot be refunded. For this reason, truly think about what you wish to prioritize above all else. Is your physical more important than your mental in The Outlast Trials?

That was Gamer Journalist’s guide on how to slide in The Outlast Trials. For more Horror Game content, feel free to see all of our related articles over here. Thank you for reading this GJ guide.

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