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All Maps in The Outlast Trials

Your Trial awaits
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There is nothing quite like propaganda to get the blood flowing and a heavy concoction of tears and adrenaline will leave you feeling truly alive in the Murkoff Facility. Outlast is back to reclaim its title of the scariest horror game but this time, you are not alone. Whilst playing on your couch with your friends appear to be a thing of the past, Murkoff invites you and your friends into a world of pain, torture and torment. Let us hope that those years of Dead by Daylight and all of the Backrooms training was enough for this one. How will you fare in this horrifying new setting against foes that you have never experienced and the possibility of death around every corner? This is Vincent’s guide on all Maps in The Outlast Trials.

How Many Maps are Available in Outlast Trials?

With The Outlast Trials being Early Access and having only released on May 18th, 2023, you cannot expect a large amount of gameplay available as the goal in mind is to offer its playerbase more Missions, Maps and enemies to follow as development goes on. All I hope is that this is not scrapped like other Early Access Games as the Outlast series are fantastic horror games. As of its initial release in May, players have full access to 3 Main Maps with a fourth Seasonal Map.

All current Maps available in The Outlast Trials are: Police Station, Fun Park, Orphanage and Mansion. You will note that when selecting a Trial, there is a Classified Trial that is only available through 100% completion of the game. This will likely change with upcoming development as Program X (fourth Map) refers directly to the Tutorial of The Outlast Trials.

What is on Every Map?

Just like the original Outlast game, players will have the opportunity to utilize the camera as a means of illuminating light in the darkness. You will also have access to beds and lockers to hide in and of course, whenever possible, be able to full sprint away from any enemies whilst looking back to see your surroundings at all. With the night-vision camera it means that you will need to find batteries to keep the mode operational. Due to this type of survival, similar to Dead by Daylight and Backrooms Multiplayer Games, players will need to be both strategic and careful in how they play.

There are multiple Assignments available on each Map that you will have to work through during the trials to gain more XP and rewards in regard to the upgrades. Examples of these are:

  • Kill the Snitch (Police Station)
  • Kill the Misbehaving Children (Fun Park)
  • Place Obscene Materials (Orphanage)

Each Trial offers multiple Assignments which vary in difficulty. You will need to complete all Objectives set in each Assignment to unlock the following, more difficult Assignment for that Map. Whilst the Objectives appear the same as you repeatedly attempt the Trials to gain as much XP as possible for Prescriptions (Upgrades), the action of completing Objectives gets more intense as time goes on due to the increased difficulty of evading the enemies. Not only this but, to keep things interesting, each Map has different enemies inside, with their own unique story that will keep you from getting in their way. However, with every task being high-risk, high-reward and incredibly loud to complete, you will need to train yourself to learn both the ins-and-outs of every Map and how best to evade each enemy in The Outlast Trials.

That was our guide on all Maps in The Outlast Trials. Looking for more horror related content? We have so much more available from Survival Horror to Third-Person and Indie Horror, with related articles available here at Gamer Journalist. Thank you for reading this guide.

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