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How to Search Kryx’s Cell for Information in Starfield – Echoes of the Past Guide

Think like a prisoner
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In true RPG fashion, the completion of Side Missions is not a necessity but is one that offers its variety of rewards, from Legendary Armor and Weapons to XP for faster levelling. The Echoes of the Past seeks information and you are the right person to find it. The hunt takes place on the Key, a Prison that commands your full attention and treasure hunting skills as you search for plans to give to Commander Ikande. Figuring out an escapee’s plans are harder than you may have thought as a simple mattress and pillowcase check will reveal no answers. This is Vincent’s guide on where to find the plan information inside Kryx’s Cell in the Echoes of the Past Mission of Starfield.

Where to Find Kryx’s Plans – Echoes of the Past Location Guide

After searching through D-Block of the Key Space Station you will eventually be guided directly to Kryx’s Cell in Section 3. The task at hand is to locate the information that has been hidden inside his cell, but with few areas to check, you may find yourself scrambling in and outside of the jail cell, or thinking that this Mission is bugged. However, the answer can be found inside the Lamp where by interacting with it, you can pry it open and obtain the Audio Recorder which holds Kryx’s Plans on record. Who knows how he got this piece of equipment for himself – a screwdriver to unlock the Lamp and a Audio Recorder to record his escape plans and the information he found about Legacy Ship.

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When you are inside Kryx’s Cell, all you need to do is go up to the singular Lamp in the Cell and interact with it. Select ‘Pry open the base‘ and pick up the ‘Best Laid Plans‘ Audio Log. Make sure that you listen to the tape in full in order to check off the Objective and continue the Mission to Carter’s Locker and eventually the Escape Shuttle. By completing this Mission, you will get the Keelhauler – a Legendary Pistol which offers 83 Base Damage, 70% Accuracy and a Range of 24.

That was our quick guide on where to location the Plan Log from Kryx’s Cell in Echoes of the Past – Starfield Mission. For more on this game, be sure to see all GJ written articles in our Starfield Section. Thanks for reading this guide.

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