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How to Scrub Spirits in Spirittea?

Just keep it nice and clean!
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Your main task in Spirittea is to save the Lost Spirits and help them get a nice and cozy bath. In order to do just that, you’ll have to restore the local Bathhouse so the spirits have a place to stay, rest, and be happy.

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Scrubbing Spirits in Spirittea

Once you get the spirits into the restored Bathhouse, your job will be to ensure their happiness is on a high level. This is achieved by regularly bathing the spirits and scrubbing them with brooms. You can do this by placing the spirits in water and taking care of them. Also, don’t forget to keep your stock of Bath Towels checked.

If you keep the spirits happy and relaxed, they will show you their gratitude by giving you Moolags, which is money in Spirittea. Keep in mind, though, that when you place them in, you don’t put two spirits that hate each other together in the bath because that will lower their level of happiness. Remember that spirits correspond to one of the seasons, and they get along the best with the spirits of the opposite season.

How to Clean the Bathhouse in Spirittea?

First of all, you unlock the Bathhouse by tracking down the first two spirits during the tutorial. Once you unlock it, you will have to restore it to its previous condition. Rebuilding the Bathhouse in Spirittea is a process that requires both time and Moolags. But you have to start from somewhere, so why not clean the bathhouse and keep the hygiene high in order to make your customers happy?

Let’s clean the dust and cobwebs in the Bathhouse then. To do that, once you enter it, go right where the kitchen and the washroom are located. This is where you can clean Bath Towels and cook for the spirits. Check the washroom at the very entrance because there, you can acquire two brooms for your inventory. Pick them up by pressing A and pressing X to save them in the inventory.

Once you have all the necessary equipment, press Y to equip a broom and start sweeping the Bathhouse because those cobwebs and dust won’t disappear by themselves. Arm yourself with patience because cleaning this large space is not a short process. But once you do it, you will have your Bathhouse up and running, clean, and what’s most important, pleasant for the customers!

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