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All Spirit Locations in Anime Champions Simulator

Spirits usually lurk from the shadows.
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Locating the spirits in Anime Champions Simulator can prove to be a tricky task. Spirits are not always at the same locations because they sometimes disappear and then reappear. In this guide, we present you all of the areas in the game where spirits are spawning so you can easily track them down.

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Spirit Areas in Anime Champions Simulator

Spirits give you Talent Tokens to reroll your champions’ talents. Secure that you collect enough Talent Tokens so you can equip your champions with fitting talents as soon as possible.

Next to the Harbormiester, on the top right side of the map, you will bump into your first spirit. It floats above the area where the teleport is located.

In the center of the map, you will find the stairs which lead to the highest point. Turn left of the stairs, and you will see the spirit. When you are already there, in front of the stairs, you will see a ledge. Go there, look down, and you will notice another spirit behind a stall.

If you are looking for a statue on the left side of the map, look for a walkway. While walking down the walkway, you will see a spirit standing behind some crates.

In the far left part of the map, you will find a spirit hiding under a tree between two buildings. You will recognize the buildings by the color of their roofs – one is red, and the other one is green.

On the bottom left side of the map, next to a house with a green roof, you will find a floating spirit. If you have problems finding him, turn left, and it should be there.

The next spirit you can find on the upper left side of the map, near some tables and chairs. To help you orient, remember that the spirit is right next to the statue. Proceed immediately behind the statue, and near a set of crates, you will find another spirit.

At the front of the map, you will find stairs that lead to a big gate. Climb the stairs, and to your right, you will see a cannon with a spirit standing next to it.

Spirits obviously like standing between buildings because, on the top left side of the map, you will find one lurking between a multi-story building with a yellow roof and a small one with a red roof. Just search for the area behind the statue.

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