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How to save game in Inside the Backrooms

You'll really need a backup!
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Inside the Backrooms is a difficult horror game where your every move will be haunted by some sort of monstrous entity. You will be hunted and devoured, many times, and every time you do, you’ll lose a life. If you lose all of your lives, then it’s game over. Knowledge of this will have players wanting to save their game so they don’t lose their progress, however it isn’t clear exactly how to do that.

When does the game save in Inside the Backrooms

Inside the Backrooms is a challenging game that is meant to put you to the test, and scare your wits away. In the pause menu, or anywhere in the game, in fact, there appears to be a lack of a saving feature. You cannot save your progress and quit the game to return back to it later. Instead of saves, Inside the Backrooms uses checkpoints.

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It isn’t clear when you are playing when and where a checkpoint is, which could cause some sort of panic in players not wanting to lose those hours of their lives figuring out the puzzles. Below is a list of all the checkpoints. When you reach a checkpoint, it becomes accessible from the play menu, meaning you can start the game – with all of your lives – from that point in the game with all the items you would need from the previous areas.

  • Lobby– this checkpoint starts unlocked as it is the beginning of the game.
  • Parking – you gain this checkpoint when you fall down the hole and enter the parking lot
  • Office rooms – you gain this checkpoint when you enter the offices, after the Parking level.
  • Sewer rooms – you gain this checkpoint when you enter the sewers, by unlocking the red door in the Parking level.

You must reach a checkpoint to unlock it. If you leave a game or fail, then your only choice is to restart at a checkpoint that you have unlocked.

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