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All endings in Inside the Backrooms

Just how many exits are there?
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Inside the Backrooms is a wonderfully terrifying game of liminality and horrors beyond your imagination. As you wander and escape and survive, you’ll notice there are a few different ways to go, and not all of your fates will be the same. Just how many endings are there in Inside the Backrooms?

Every ending in Inside the Backrooms

There are currently four endings for you to run into in Inside the Backrooms. Two of them are parts of the main progression, but two of them are seperate, side endings that you have to really deviate to find. The secondary endings are simply other ways to meet your demise in the backrooms, and the main endings are ones that most players will find.

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Main endings

There are currently two main endings, as the main ‘story line’ splits in two, with two paths that you can follow. Thanks to the Sewer rooms update, a whole new path of backroom madness will unfold through the following updates.

Upon completing the Partygoer’s challenges, and you get the Red Keycard, you will then have to choose which red door to unlock.

Escape from the backrooms – This ending actually sees you escaping from the dreaded halls where it is discovered that you were in some sort of coma for two years. You awake in a hospital and get up. You are free.

You get this ending by unlocking the red door at the end of the Office Rooms. You must then get through the Pool Rooms and find your door in the final darkrooms segment. Walk into the light.

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To be continued… – This ending is a stand-in as the other levels are in development. When you escape the Sewer Rooms and climb up the ladder, you may be shocked to see an alive hazmat person get taken by a giant moth. Our story along this route is not finished, so until then, it is to be continued.

You can get this ending by unlocking the red door in Parking to access the Sewer Rooms. You must then escape the Sewer Rooms.

Secondary endings

These endings deviate from the main path and have their own challenges for you to complete. They reward you with unique fates from the backrooms.

Flesh Cake – This is a rather morbid ending. When you are done with the Partygoer’s challenges, you must leave the room and go back inside. You will notice another door that was not there before. Enter the door and complete the challenges that await you.

Lost Inside the Backrooms – This ending is very depressing. Near the end of the Pool Rooms you will find a huge grate in the floor and four pillars. This is where the next ending begins. There are a series of steps that must be completed in order to get this ending, but it allows you to interact with a very popular aspect of the backrooms.

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