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How to Romance Characters in Moonstone Island

Taming hearts is a lot easier than Spirits!
Joking with Gaiana in Moonstone Island
Image via Studio Supersoft

Moonstone Island is an open-world RPG that offers countless opportunities for adventure to its players. Whether you want to experience the excitement of taming wild Spirits, brewing powerful potions, exploring undiscovered dungeons, or even falling in love, Moonstone Island never fails to deliver! The only way you’re coming out of this game unsatisfied is if you never played it to begin with.

One of the most thrilling opportunities available to players on Moonstone Island is the opportunity to fall in love! Moonstone Island has a whole host of romanceable NPCs that would love nothing more than to make your virtual dreams come true; read on to find out how you can romance characters in Moonstone Island!

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How to Seduce Characters in Moonstone Island?

Moonstone Island may not be a dating sim, but the complexity of its romantic aspects could easily rival even the most detailed of otome games.

Moonstone Island has tons of romanceable NPCs to choose from, so the only thing that players really need to worry about is figuring out exactly how they should go about dating them. Thankfully, it’s a relatively straightforward process.

Similar to most life-sims and dating sims, all of the romanceable characters in Moonstone Island have “Friendship meters”. These meters will gradually begin to fill up as you become better friends with them. (You can view your Friendship progress for each character by navigating to the Social menu and cataloging the number of full hearts they have in their meter.)

Once their Friendship meters become full, you’ll be able to properly date them!

Relationships in Moonstone Island
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How to Raise a Character’s Friendship Level in Moonstone Island?

Before you can properly begin courting your favorite character in Moonstone Island, you’ll want to raise their Friendship level as much as possible first. Technically, you can begin flirting and asking characters out on dates right from the get-go, but your success rates will be far lower.

Raising a character’s Friendship level can be tedious, but it’s an incredibly simple process, nonetheless. Here are a few ways that you can go about raising a character’s Friendship level:

  • Talk to them – This one may seem obvious, but you can raise a character’s Friendship level simply by utilizing the “Talk” button when interacting with them!
    • You’ll be presented with three different options: Flirt, Chat, and Joke. It may be tempting to start flirting right away, but you should always start slow. If you skip past chatting and start flirting or joking with them right away, then it could potentially lower their Friendship level!
    • Talking to them can only raise their Friendship level so much at a time. Make sure you’re taking the time to chat with them daily to raise their Friendship level as much as possible!
  • Give them gifts – Giving gifts is one of the best ways to romance characters in Moonstone Island; it can increase their Friendship level dramatically and endear them to you even further!
    • Giving characters gifts is pretty straightforward, but you still shouldn’t just hand them the first thing you find lying around. Be sure to keep their personalities and careers in mind when choosing the perfect gift.
    • For example, Ferra is a blacksmith. Giving her an item that you forged yourself is going to boost her Friendship level a lot more than if you were to just hand her some random plant or something.
  • Tame a Fluffox Spirit – If you want to speed-run your romance in Moonstone Island, then a Fluffox Spirit is a must. It provides an additional boost to all social interactions, meaning you can max out a character’s Friendship level in no time at all!
    • Fluffox Spirits can be found at low levels on Earth islands. Make sure you have it following you prior to engaging in any social interactions with NPCs!
Ferra in Moonstone Island
Screenshot via Studio Supersoft

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All Romanceable Characters in Moonstone Island

This game has a romanceable character for just about everybody, regardless of preference. They’ve got numerous romanceable he’s, she’s, they’s, and just about everything in between!

I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that the entire supporting cast of Moonstone Island is romanceable. The developers really decided to go all out when it came to dateable NPCs, so you’ll have no shortage of suitors in this game!

Here are all of the current dateable characters in Moonstone Island:

  • Gaiana (she/her)
  • Ferra (she/her)
  • Quill (he/him)
  • Ossono (she/her)
  • Paolo (they/them)
  • Cleo (she/her)
  • Zed (he/him)
  • Rowan (they/them)
  • Tobin (he/him)
  • Ofelia (she/her)

That brings the total number of romanceable NPCs in Moonstone Island to a whopping 10 characters! That’s more than some dating sims!

It’s crazy to think that Moonstone Island isn’t a dating sim, despite the sheer number of dateable characters in the game. If you love playing simulator games that let you romance your little heart out, like Moonstone Island, then you’ve come to the right website!

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