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How to Reset Stats in King Legacy

Had a change of mind?
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King Legacy is an anime Roblox Game that is heavily inspired by the world of One Piece. This is seen through the settings that you can visit, and the enemies and NPCs and items. As you level up and get stronger, you can improve certain stats to get stronger in the game. This is vital to your progression. But if you want to change what stats you’ve specced into, then you will want to reset them. Here is how to reset your stats in King Legacy.

How to reset your stats in King Legacy

There are a few ways to reset your stats in King Legacy. When you reset your stats, all of your stat points will get returned to you, and you will lose all of the levels in the stats you’ve built up. However, you get to reallocate all of your points. This way, if you had a change of heart or want to focus on another fighting method, you can.

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There are three ways to acquire stat resets. The main way is to buy a stat reset from Drago, for 25 gems. Drago can be located in Starter Island and Floresco Town. Once you have bought it, go into your stats menu and click the ‘reset stats’ button. Now you can select all of the levels you wish. If you hadn’t, it would be very recommended to max out or at least heavily invest in Defense, as it increases your max health.

You can also buy a stat reset for 25 Robux in the ‘Shop’, and can acquire free stat resets through free codes.

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