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How to Get All Swords in Roblox King Legacy

Begin your sword collection today!

King Legacy is an anime-inspired Roblox game where players will fight there way to the top, unlocking powerful swords as they go. Each sword has an unlock requirement, and if you want to get your hands on them, then you’d better learn exactly what you have to do. Here is how to unlock all of the swords in King Legacy.

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How to unlock all the swords in King Legacy


The Katana is one of the few swords in King Legacy that can be bought. It comes with two abilities: 1SS Sword and Wind Walk. This is the weakest sword, but also the cheapest. It is a great weapon for beginners.

You can buy the Katana for 5,000 Beli at the starter island.

Tashi Blade

tashi blade in king legacy
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The Tashi Blade is a tough blade to get. Locked behind a boss, you’ll need to do some levelling up to take Tashi on. WIth two powerful abilities, if you can get your hands on this sword, then do it.

Tashi Blade has a 15% chance of dropping from the Tashi Boss at the starter island.


The Jitter sword is another boss-sword. Added in update 3, this sword will require you to deal even more punishment out.

Jitter has a 15% chance of dropping from the Smokey Boss at the starter island.

Shark Blade

Deep in the Shark Island, yet another boss stands. The Shark Blade is a very powerful sword that also lets you live out of your shark fantasies.

Shark Blade has a 15% chance of dropping from the Shark Man boss at Shark Island.


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Based off of Enel’s golden pole from One Piece, this weapon has style and power. If ever you are passing the Old World, try to grab it.

Pole has a 5% chance of dropping from the Rumble Man boss in the Old World.


Not the best weapon, but a decent one if you have spare change. The Pipe can actually be bought, but it won’t be cheap.

The Pipe can be bought for 500,000 Binto at Bubble Island.

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bisento in king legacy
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Bisento is a nasty weapon to be sure. Not only does it look cool, but its abilities are staggering and will topple any foe in your way.

Bisento has a 5% chance of dropping from Quake Woman in War Island.

Triple Katana

Why have one katana, when you can have the power of three? The Triple Katana is a popular weapon that will get its job done three times over.

The Triple Katana can be bought for 2,500,000 Binto at Rocks Island.

Mini Mace

mini mace in king legacy
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It’s only mini by name, not by size! This huge mace packs a punch, and has the spikes to prove it. For a purchasable weapon, this one is truly formidable.

Mini Mace can be bought for 3,000,000 Binto at Marineford.


Whether you like Shanks or not, you’ll have to fight him to get this sword. A strong sword with great abilities, you can’t go wrong with it.

The Sabre has a 15% chance of dropping from the Expert Swordsman boss in the Stone Arena.

Mom Blade

You will need all of your strength to defeat the boss required to obtain this weapon, and if you are unlucky, you’ll need to do it quite a few times!

The Mom Blade has a 15% chance of dropping from the Monster Raid Boss.

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