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How to Repair Mechs in Phantom Brigade

Repair your mechs to get the most out of them in battle!
Phantom Brigade Mech Selection
Image via Brace Yourself Games

Phantom Brigade is an immersive and futuristic multiplayer game that places you at the controls of a powerful mech, but with a huge twist. You are able to see into the future thanks to the game’s timeline combat feature, meaning you can anticipate incoming enemy attacks and then must guess what they will do next. However, your opponents also have the same ability, leading to a unique standoff where players must fake out each other and make use of every tool they have to outsmart their adversaries. In this guide we will cover how to repair your mechs in Phantom Brigade, since they can become damaged in battle and must be repaired to remain fully effective.

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How Do You Repair Mechs in Phantom Brigade?

In order to repair your mechs in Phantom Brigade, you will first have to understand how the regeneration process works. When you take damage in battle, your mech will need to repair that part of itself in order to be fully functional again. That is not to say you won’t be able to use a damaged mech in combat, just that it won’t be as strong as it usually is, for example it may move slower if its legs have been damaged.

The first method to repairing your mech is the easiest to do, since it requires nothing from you but patience. That’s right, time heals all wounds and in Phantom Brigade you are able to wait until your mechs repair themselves. This only works if you have enough Liquid Fix, which you can get more of at Resupply Points or by attacking enemy Repair Convoys.

The second strategy to repairing your mechs is to head towards Resupply Points, where you can recruit pilots and repair your mechs. You will also get Liquid Fix, which will resupply the highly valuable material and allow you to repair on the go. Resupply Points are fairly slow at repairing your mechs, however the time spent is well worth it when your mech is back to being fully functional once more. Good luck, and stay safe in battle!

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