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How to Remove Stolen Status from Items in Starfield

Just take the persons jetpack off their back when they're not looking
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Starfield does a great job at making sure you know how many things you can steal. There are a plethora of items players can loot and find for free. However, what if you see a shiny new spacesuit that doesn’t quite fit in your budget? Well you steal it of course, but stealing has consequences you might not want to deal with. If this is the case, there is a way for you to circumnavigate this dilemma. You can in fact make the game believe the items are yours without having to spend any extra money. So let’s visit the local merchant and figure out how to remove stolen status from items in Starfield.

How to Remove Stolen Status from Items in Starfield

How to Remove Stolen Status From Items in Starfield npc vendor
Screenshot via GamerJournalist/Bethesda Game Studios

It should be said that stolen items are different from contraband items. This solution only applied to the former, and if done correctly, should clear all the items you have from being stolen. Furthermore, if you’ve found yourself with some stolen items and want to remedy the situation before someone starts looking for their stuff, you’ll want to head over to the nearest Trade Authority Vendor. Make sure you talk to the actual NPC in the Trade Authority building, rather than a kiosk.

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Once you start talking to the vendor, go ahead and sell them all your stolen items but do not leave the trade menu. Next, go to the vendors buy window, and you can buy back the stolen items for the exact price you sold them for. And if all is done correctly, these items will no longer have the stolen status on them, freeing you of any consequences from their rightful owners. If you accidentally leave the trading menu before buying your items back, you won’t be able to get them from the buy back menu. Now get on out there and steal some stuff, we know you want to.

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