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How to Remove Dogs in Cities Skylines 2

Anything to stop the incessant barking.

Cities Skylines 2, the beloved city-building simulation game, offers players a wealth of customization options to craft their dream cities. However, some players may prefer to build their urban landscapes without the presence of dogs, whether due to personal preference or in-game performance considerations.

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In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of removing dogs from your virtual city, allowing you to create a cityscape that aligns with your vision. Keep reading to find out how you can easily remove dogs in Cities Skylines 2 without any complications!

Removing Dogs in Cities Skylines 2 Explained

Cities Skylines 2 offers an expansive canvas for urban planners to bring their city-building dreams to life, and with the right tools, players can craft their metropolises to their exact specifications. For those who prefer a cityscape without the presence of canines, either for personal preference or to optimize in-game performance, there’s more than one solution at hand.

The most tried and true solution to removing dogs in Cities Skylines 2 actually comes in the form of a mod on Steam (obviously, you would need the Steam version of this game to utilize this method). The “Remove All Animals” mod by pcfantasy on Steam allows players to completely remove animals from their urban metropolises, including canines.

This mod is rated five stars on Steam, and it’s no wonder why. This mod delivers exactly what it advertises, and it does it exceptionally well; you’ll never have to worry about constant barking in your cities ever again with this mod by pcfantasy!

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If you don’t have the Steam version of the game or just don’t feel like downloading a mod, then there is another option available to players, though it’s not been tested enough within the community yet to determine its full effectiveness.

There is a theory stating that if players issue a city-wide pet ban, it will remove dogs from the city entirely. However, this method has not been tested nearly enough to comprehend its effectiveness as a whole fully; if you try this method and it still doesn’t remove the dogs from your city in Cities Skylines 2, then you may have to turn to the modding community for help after all.

Whether you seek a pet-free urban paradise or wish to fine-tune your fur-free city to your liking, these methods should help you remove dogs from your cities in Cities Skylines 2.

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