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How to Power Generator for Outposts in Starfield – He-3 Location Guide

No jerry can needed
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Powering your generators aren’t as simple as finding a gas canister and fuel. Unlike these steps which can normally be seen in almost every horror game to existence (thanks Outlast), Starfield takes a new approach in having players search for gas. Whilst Gas Giants exist, these cannot be landed on as your time in space would come to a fast, inevitable end. Therefore, you will need to find a different way to catch gas out of the habitable atmosphere and it must be something bigger than a glass jar. Therefore, this is Vincent’s guide on how to power a generator for your Outposts in Starfield.

How to Power Fueled Generators – Outpost Guide for Starfield

In order to power your generators which are crucial pieces of equipment needed for Outpost functions, you need to find some Helium-3. This is one of the many resources in Starfield and therefore, can only be found in specific spots across the galaxy. After getting Helium, this is used directly to power the Fueled Generator that you can place down in your Outpost Build. To use it, you need to assign the Helium to a Storage Container which then links directly to the Generator as its fuel line. So where exactly can you find Helium in Starfield?

As Helium is a gas rather than a mineable resource, you will need to find it on its allocated planet such as Luna (Sol System), Kreet (Narion System), and Magreth (Narion System). Refer to the color of Helium’s elemental symbol, where you need to look for He-3 under the Resource Tab in Planet Overview before landing. This will point you to the correct biome which you can then use the Scanner to find Helium on the surface by scanning using ‘F’ or ‘LB’. Once Helium is found, place an Extractor down after building an Outpost close to the Resource location. If you are looking to farm He-3 for many Fueled Generators be sure to see our guide on how to mine large amounts of Resources.

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After you have Helium-3, head back to where you want to place down your Fueled Generator. You will need: x4 Tungsten, x1, Austenitic Manifold, x1 Tau Grade Rheostat, and x1 Isocentered Magnet to build your genny. Once built, place down a Storage Container using the Outpost Build Mode, requiring x5 Tungsten, x6 Copper, and x3 Adaptive Frame to craft a Gas Container to store the He-3. All you need to do now is link your Helium storage to the Fueled Generator which will transfer the fuel over and kickstart your generator into gear.

That was our quick guide on how to fuel your generator in Starfield. For more on this game, be sure to see all new Starfield coverage produced here by the Gamer Journalist team. Thank you for reading this guide.

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