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How to Play Multiplayer on The Outlast Trials

Are you the type to leave your friends behind?
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Whether or not you have had the appropriate training to take the trials on is irrelevant, entering the Murkoff Facility is like playing the original Outlast but on a greater intensity. If you have never played the original name or its sequel then fear not for the ability to bring in your friends will offer you more chances of survival. With no means of defending yourself, sometimes the best option is to sacrifice others in the game for a chance of being Reborn. Wondering how to play The Outlast Trials with others? This is Vincent’s guide on how to play Multiplayer in The Outlast Trials.

How to Play With Friends in The Outlast Trials

Unlike the first and second Outlast games, the Trials offers a more unique experience in that you can play with friends. It takes the idea of hiding or running away from enemies as you are unarmed similar to the protagonist in Outlast, whilst having to complete tasks that feel impossible due to the patrolling route of the enemy AI. It is a mix of Dead by Daylight in that you have to complete a set of rather loud tasks whilst trying to evade the grasps of the enemies. However, unlike Dead by Daylight, the enemies are not your friends or randoms but AI, bringing the older missions of Outlast to life by incorporating a playstyle that is strategic in how you and your friends take the trial on.

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You must complete the Prologue in order to add friends into the game as this acts as the Tutorial. Once inside the Murkoff Facility is where you can add other players. To add your friends into the game, this can be done on the Terminal Menu. This is accessed within the Pods that you use to enter into trial areas. From here you can also view your Loadout with shows your Inventory and current Perks you have installed via the purchasing of Prescriptions alongside Records of your progress so far in Trials and Assignments. You will see your character on the Terminal Trial Screen where you can select which Map (Program) you would like to head into. Before selecting however, be sure to add your friends by inviting them into your game via the plus sign in the empty spaces beside your character. You can add a total of 3 other players to the server.

Friends are added based on who you have in your Steam Friend List. Whilst you can enable the option of playing with randoms by enabling matchmaking under Social, you may find it easier to play with those you know instead of placing your life in the hands of others.

That was our guide on how to play with friends on The Outlast Trials. For more Horror Game content, Single-Player or Multiplayer, feel free to check out all of our related articles here. As always, thanks for viewing this guide.

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