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Can You Play The Outlast Trials Solo/ Single-Player? Answered

Go crazy alone or together, the choice is yours
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The Outlast Trials – Dead by Daylight meets Squid Game. Regardless of whether you are going into the game alone or with friends can all end the same if you go in being naïve for the horrors that await you. There is little room for error within the confinement of the Murkoff Facility. Unlike other Multiplayer Horror Games such as DbD, SCP and The Backrooms where the primary goal is to escape, you will need to keep your wits about you so that you can successfully complete your Assignment and receive top marks as the number 1 guinea pig. You never know, it could result in being one of the Reborn. But can you beat The Outlast Trials on Single-Player?

Is The Outlast Trials Multiplayer Only?

With its release being in May, 2023, there is a lot of potential for The Outlast Trials to grow. However, making the decision to be able to play this Horror Game with friends or on your own is a smart one. Whilst the game plays pretty much the exact same regardless of how many people you are in the game with, whether you are solo or with a squad of up to 4 people, you will find that the trials run exactly the same. However, there is a key difference. This is that the amount of enemies you will verse on each Map vary depending on the amount of players on your squad. Therefore, if you are playing alone, you will see significantly less enemies than if you were playing in a squad of 4 players. The reason for this of course, is to keep things fairer.

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For those just getting started in a trial you may find that the total length of the trial varies depending on the amount of players in the lobby. The reasoning for this is simply that if you are playing on your own you are far more likely to take longer to finish a trial. This is normal of course and should not reflect your ability in the game. Not only this but, you may not have the appropriate kit to fully play how you would like. Such as, not being able to knock down doors or escape enemies better with evasive manoeuvres such as sliding. These are upgradable abilities that you will need to obtain through repeated playing of a trial. For this reason, you may find that you are much slower on your own than with a squad.

Playing with a squad allows you to try out different strategies. From having a player act as bait, luring enemies away as you complete Assignments that are use loud actions to complete or having someone close by to trick enemies with the use of throwables. You have many more options available to you and your chances of survival are naturally increased with other players in the server.

How to Complete Trials on Single-Player

As The Outlast Trials can be played solo, this provides players with more options and if you are like me who prefers Single-Player Horror Games, The Outlast Trials can quickly feel like Outlast 3 depending on how you see the trials through on your end. Naturally, you will want to play through the trials slowly, taking in the layout of the Map, the behavior and patrol patterns of the enemies and be sure to limit the use of running unless absolutely necessary. In Multiplayer you can afford panicking, but not on Single-Player.

We recommend that you get used to completing these trials before attempting the Final Exam and Program X. Whilst the AI is slightly buggy, this is to be expecting for an Early Access Game. Take this moment to learn the game in-and-out and develop techniques on how to complete the Assignments faster than you previously did. We highly recommend that you purchase Prescriptions such as Slide and Regeneration as the bare essentials to surviving for longer in a trial. Remember that you can die up to 4 times in a trial before you fail and have to restart.

If you are interested in playing The Outlast Trials, it is available in Early Access on Steam. If you have never played an Outlast game, we recommend you do so, so that you know what to expect as The Outlast Trials’ enemies behave similarly to the first installment. For other Horror Game content, feel free to look at our related here on Gamer Journalist.

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