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How to Play Elypse – All Platforms

A new challenger arrives
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To keep the darkness from invading the homeland, a sacrifice must be made. All of civilization awaits, impatiently, terrified with teeth grinding at the thought of their name being called. Who will be the next to close the portal? Who will put a stop to the madness until the next decade passes and the same must be done once again? How can you even bare children in a world where they could be sacrificed to the abyss? But with the use of celestial powers, perhaps you will be some use within the abyss. Being thrown down into the deepest part of the abyss itself, into the depths of hell, will you be able to ascend through the levels and return to the portal in one piece? This is Vincent’s guide on how to play Elyse.

What is Elyse?

Elyse is a 2D Platformer with a focus on challenging environments and boss battles that will test your resilience within the abyss. With a plot following Fay, who is the latest sacrifice made to the abyss to keep what lies inside away from the peaceful civilization on the other side. A sacrifice must be made to keep the peace and unfortunately Fay is up on the chopping block this time around but this is where you come in. Interesting the game does not begin at being thrown into the portal for the sacrifice. Instead, you embark on Fay’s journey towards the portal from the experience Fay has already had inside the abyss, seeing that 10 years have passed already. Therefore, the aim of the game is to get out on the following sacrificial day where the portal opens once again.

With celestial powers offered to Fay and a guide called Nyx to aid you throughout your journey, the only way is up in your ascension through both power and the abyss itself. With aesthetics similar to that of Hollow Knight and INSIDE, meeting the challenging gameplay of Super Meat Boy and a interwoven story throughout to keep your brain stimulated in every way possible, Elyse is set on a timer in which the entire game has you rushing to the finishing line – to get out of the abyss once and for all. Will you be able to escape?

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Where to Play Elyse

Elypse is set to arrive on Platforms – PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch however their date has not yet been announced. For those interested in playing Elyse, you can currently find this game on Microsoft Windows, being purchasable at Steam, Epic Games and GOG for $14.99. As of writing this article however, there is a Introductory Offer on all Microsoft Windows selling Platforms for $13.49 until May 24th, 2023.

That was our full guide on where to play Elyse in 2023. For more guides written by the Gamer Journalist, feel free to check out all of our upcoming and related guides here. Thank you for reading.

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