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How to Play Humanity – All Platforms, Game Modes, and More

This new indie puzzle game can bring an interesting and unique gameplay.
Humanity Game
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Unusual, absurd, surreal, etc. are all adjectives that can be used to describe this weird but fun-looking game called Humanity. This puzzle game takes you on an array of puzzle adventures but there’s a unique catch – you’re a dog that is heading people on the right path. Get your humans to a marked location and you’ll be a winner.

Dive into our article to find out more about this new puzzle game that will most likely catch the attention of both puzzle game lovers (such as myself) and those who just love a good challenge that they haven’t experienced before.

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What Kind of a Game is Humanity?

As we mentioned, Humanity is a game where you will need to use a lot of brainpower to herd your humans in the right direction. This futuristic logical game will have you teleport your humans, launch them into the air, and have them sucked into vortexes. All while trying to get them to the final location.

The game will feature a single-player mode with a story that you need to complete and a custom game mode. The latter will allow you to both create your own map and play multiple maps that other players have created. This is always good news as it provides unlimited potential for players all over the world to share their creative minds with everybody else.

Humanity is an indie game that will be available on PS4, PS5, PS VR, and PS VR2 as well as on Steam for PC users.

Will Humanity’s Experience Be Similar to Those From Other Puzzle Games?

In Humanity, you will be playing as a glowing Shiba Inu dog that needs to find the best route for a herd of humans following you. From the early screenshots and gameplay videos I can safely say that this game reminds me a bit of the Monument Valley franchise.

The multidimensional puzzle-solving experience that Monument Valley had seems to be present in Humanity as well and it’s awesome news! This kind of subgenre to logical brainstorming games is bound to make you think outside the box and offer you that supreme sense of joy once you figure out the solution.

It’s still early to judge for the entire game but I definitely see plenty of potential since the developers have obviously been thinking about creating a new and intriguing experience and that’s always more than welcome in the gaming world!

We hope you enjoyed our article. If you’re interested in more unusual games see our article Steam Game Charges Outrageous Sum for New Game. For more articles about the latest news from the gaming industry make sure you follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook.

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