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How to Place Units in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

You're gonna need a bigger army
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In July of 2023, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 (UEBS) launched out of early access into v1.0. If you’re familiar with the first game in the series, than you pretty much know what you’re getting into. A chance to live out the wildest battles by pitting hundreds of thousands of different creatures against each other. Without even talking about mods, the game allows you to choose from the likes of Spartan warriors, to a battlefield full of blood-thirsty chickens. Players even have the chance to play God by causing natural disasters on the battlefield (as well as some man-made ones). However, none of this bone-crushing mayhem begins before you choose what amalgamation of enemies to pit against each other. That is why we are going to figure out how to place units in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2.

How to Place Units in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

How to Place Units in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 gameplay
Image via Brilliant Game Studios

When it comes to placing units in this game, the planning and execution all happen before you even load the fight. You won’t be able to choose where to place units in the campaign, as those are pre-determined. Where this really matters, is when you decide to try and test out the sandbox. The Sandbox is a mode that let’s you customize unit types, amount, teams, and more, before starting the battle and letting it all play out. In this menu will be a top-down view of the selected map, along with the locations of each unit type.

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To place units before the battle starts, click and drag their unit box on the map to wherever you want them to start. Sadly, you aren’t able to place any new units once the battle has commenced. Along with controlling map-wide occurrences, players can also highlight a group of units their controlling, and direct them to a location. This is why it is crucial to make sure you have the idea of where you want certain armies or units to be, as there won’t be a chance to change it mid-battle. And given the sheer quantity of units you can place, it would probably end up crashing the game if you tried to load 100,000 zombies in the middle of a fight while a nuclear explosion is going off on top of a tornado and tsunami.

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