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How to Open Treasure Pods in Slime Rancher

Treasure, you say?
treasure pod in slime rancher
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Along your travels in Slime Rancher, you may have come across those small pods that you can’t do anything with. Those are treasure pods, and they contain exclusive and fantastic rewards related to slime science. The only problem is that you can’t just simply open them. You’re going to need some help from slime science itself. So, how do you open the treasure pods in Slime Rancher, and what do they hold?

What Are the Treasure Pods in Slime Rancher?

There are three types of treasure pod (four if you include the secret style DLC pods), green, blue, and purple, each one better than the last. They are hidden around the Far, Far Range, just waiting for you to see what’s inside. You will want the jetpack and a high energy level to reach some of the far-out pods – they can be in some very strange places!

These pods contain some unique rewards. They will either contain:

  • A unique blueprint for a slime science gadget
  • A decoration
  • 3x slime science resources
  • 3 golden plorts (rare)

Being so imperative for the development of your slime science, you will want to find them and reap their rewards.

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How to Crack Open the Treasure Pods

To unlock the treasure pods, you need the Treasure Cracker abilities. These can be bought from the lab, which is an area you can unlock for 10,000 Newbucks. You’d better be committed to collecting the pods, because these upgrades are not cheap.

  • The Treasure Cracker MI can be bought for 4,500 Newbucks after your first gadget has been crafted. This will allow you to open the green treasure pods.
  • The Treasure Cracker MII can be bought for 9,000 Newbucks after 20 gadgets has been crafted. This will allow you to open the blue treasure pods.
  • The Treasure Cracker MIII can be bought for 25,000 Newbucks after 50 gadgets have been crafted. This will allow you to open the purple treasure pods.

Each upgrade requires the previous one to unlock.

With each upgrade, find the pods and press ‘E’ to open them. Make sure you have some space in your vacpac to collect the rewards.

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