How to Get a Gold Slime in Slime Rancher

How to Get a Gold Slime in Slime Rancher

It’s pretty much a given that any game that involves creature collecting will have at least one super-duper rare variety of creature, usually colored gold. Why do you want a gold one? The same reason people want real gold: it’s sparkly and other people don’t have it. The same goes for Slime Rancher; gold slimes show up, and whether they have a practical purpose or not, you want one. Here’s how to get a Gold Slime in Slime Rancher.

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Gold Slimes are one of the rarest naturally occurring Slimes in the entire game. You can’t breed them; they just show up in the wild randomly here and there. If they spot you, they’ll dash away at ludicrous speed, and if they get too far, they’ll despawn. Normally, the solution would be to catch them in your Vacpack, but due to their slippery nature, Gold Slimes can’t be kept in a Vacpack. But you still want to get one of these things if possible, as they produce highly valuable Plorts. So if you can’t pull them in, the solution is to push them away.

How to Get a Gold Slime in Slime Rancher

To get a Gold Slime in Slime Rancher

  1. Wait for a Gold Slime to appear near your ranch
  2. Catch in the vac stream and sling it toward the ranch gates, then use Pink Slimes to push it the rest of the way
  3. Construct a #1 Slime Stage and place the Gold Slime on it to keep it secured

Firstly, you can’t control when and where a Gold Slime will show up, so you’re just going to have to wait around and hope you get lucky. You need one to spawn in the same vicinity as your ranch; if it’s too far away, the process will become much more complicated, bordering on impossible.

When a Gold Slime appears near your ranch, stand far enough away that you can reach it with your vac stream without alerting it. While you can’t capture a Gold Slime in your Vacpack, you can grab it in your vac-gun’s stream; as long as you’re a reasonable distance away, it won’t react to your presence, even if it’s lifted into the air. At a safe distance, grab the Slime in the stream, then swing the stream in the direction of your ranch to sling the Slime closer to it. It probably won’t go all the way past the gates, so just suck up some nearby Pink Slimes and shoot them into the Gold Slime to push it the rest of the way. Remember to use the Pulse Wave as you shoot the Pink Slimes to give them some extra distance and oomph.

Even once the Gold Slime is in the ranch, you’re not done. You can stash them temporarily in a pen, but they’re slippery, and if they get out, they’ll make a break for it and despawn. You need to create a special means of holding them in place. Luckily, there exists such a means: the #1 Slime Stage. When a slime is placed on the Slime Stage, it won’t move from it unless it’s deliberately agitated, and the same goes for Gold Slimes.

To construct a Slime Stage, you’ll need to purchase the blueprint from the shop for 3,500 coins, as well as the following components:

  • 25 Pink Plorts
  • 8 Indigonium
  • 8 Spiral Steam
  • 1 Royal Jelly

Once you’ve constructed the Slime Stage, place it somewhere you’re reasonably confident things won’t bump into it. Once it’s set up, use your vac stream or some Pink Slimes to nudge the Gold Slime onto the stage. Once it’s atop the stage and the lights turn on, it’s officially locked in place, ready for all to admire.

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