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How to Open All Slytherin Locks in Hogwarts Legacy – Guide

Get past these puzzles with ease!
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Hogwarts Legacy is the latest addition to the extremely popular Harry Potter franchise that was first created by J.K. Rowling. Although the famous – and infamous – author has had no direction in the creation of the game, it is set in her Wizarding World, but a hundred years before the events of the Potter saga. In the late 19th century, journey to Hogwarts and attend classes as a student while you learn many spells, brew potions and master the art of capturing rare beasts for your Vivarium! Take on Dark Wizards and suppress an evil Goblin rebellion to save Wizardkind in this game!

There are plenty of different quests and side missions for players to try out in the game, and completing them all are actually essential for unlocking the second ending which happens after the final boss is defeated. One of these quests is called In the Shadow of the Study, and it involves both Sebastian and Ominis who are two NPC characters from Slytherin House who you will meet and potentially befriend. In this guide we will cover how to open the Slytherin locks which you will encounter as you complete the mission.

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How Do You Unlock Slytherin Locks in Hogwarts Legacy?

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While adventuring and trying to finish the In the Shadow of the Study quest, you will stumble upon doors with weird looking locks that resemble a ribbon, or an infinity loop with one end left open. Some of them may look different than this, however all of them have snake-like features to them. These are known as Slytherin locks, and they can must be opened for you to continue onwards in the mission. However, since the game does not give you much in the way of a guide on them, and they aren’t that intuitive, players are being left to their own devices when it comes to these pesky puzzles. But that’s where we come in!

The solution to opening these tricky locks is to match up the symbols that are on the lock’s top and bottom with the symbols that are on the gates. By doing this you will have unlocked the gate, meaning you can continue with your progress and work towards finishing this exhilarating quest. Just make sure to go slow, since Sebastian and Ominis are some of the most personable characters in the game and hanging out with them is sure to lead you towards adventure and excitement.

How Do You Open the First Lock?

The first of three Slytherin locks, you will first need to head to your left when you enter the main entrance upon starting out this challenge. The door here will require you to use Confringo so that you can light the flambeau next to the locked dial. Then, remember which symbols match the snake puzzle on the first gate, and head back to unlock it with those symbols.

What Opens the Second Lock?

The second lock is also in front of the main entrance. Look at the iron gate next to it and examine the two symbols that are on the gate’s bars. Make sure to remember them, and then return to the locked snake dial to open up the second lock. The symbols for this one are the circular/coiled snake shape on top, with the infinity-loop looking snake on the bottom.

How Can You Get Past the Last Lock?

To get into the last one, you’ll need to pass through the second gate and then use Confringo to light up the flambeau again (a different one this time) so that you can see the symbols. The top one looks like a toddler’s drawing of a fish, while the bottom is the triangle shaped pyramid, with something resembling scales inside of it. Use these to open the lock on the third gate. Good luck!

We hope that you enjoyed this guide on the Slytherin locks in Hogwarts Legacy! If you are looking for more content on this truly magical game, don’t miss these helpful guides on How to Breed Beasts for Gold in Hogwarts Legacy and How to get T-Shaped Potions Station Spellcraft in Hogwarts Legacy. Additionally, Gamer Journalist is active on our official Facebook page so be sure to visit us there and leave us feedback on our tutorials!

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