How to NoClip in Subnautica

We explain how to get around via NoClip
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An extremely fun explorable title, Subnautica allows players to live out their under-the-sea dreams. With innovative gameplay and a beautiful world to boot, there really isn’t anything like it out there right now. But even though it’s a great title, you can often find issues where you can’t get around an in-game object, resulting in clipping. With our guide though, we’ll explain how to implement Subnautica’s way around this via NoClip.

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How to NoClip in Subnautica

To preface this, NoClip is basically a sort of gameplay enhancement that makes it possible to move through objects similar to how a ghost would. If turned on, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in terrain or falling under the map. Additionally, you could use it as a method of quicker traversal as well.

In order to activate NoClip you’ll have to enter a specific code into the in-game Console Commands, but before we get into that code, let’s explain how to bring up Console Commands in the first place. A disclaimer as we get further into this; you might want to save before using any Console Command codes as using them will block you from earning any in-game achievements.

Console Commands on Console

Whether you’re on Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch, the buttons are all going to be similar. All you have to do in order to bring it up is hold three buttons down at the same time.

  • Xbox: LB+RB+A
  • PlayStation: L1+R1+X
  • Switch: L+R+A

After holding these down, the Console Commands will be brought up.

Console Commands on PC

PC has a little bit of a different approach to enabling Console Commands. First, you’ll want to press the F3 key. Once a menu appears in the top-left corner of your screen press F8 to gain control over your mouse. After that, go ahead and click the tick off of the box near “Disable Console” and hit your Enter button to bring up Console Commands.

Entering Console Commands

Now that you know how to bring up the Console Commands, let’s get into the actual code(s) that you’ll want to input.

To allow for NoClipping in Subnautica, go ahead and input “warpforward”. This prompt will teleport you in a forward motion. You’re also allowed to add a number at the end of the code which stands for the distance that it’ll warp you forward. You can input whatever number you’d like and in turn, it’ll put you there.

It’s a really great feature to have at your disposal in times when the game actively wants to work against you. It’s basically a failsafe and it’s fantastic that the devs at Unknown Worlds Entertainment thought of the players’ experience by bringing this into the game. It’s also a nifty little trick for traversing the huge open world around you.

That’s everything there is to know about NoClipping in Subnautica. Now that you know how to do it, you won’t have to worry about being stuck between a rock and a hard place the next time you journey to the depths of Subnautica.

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