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Subnautica Below Zero console commands

Subnautica Below Zero console commands

Subnautica Below Zero is an open-world survival game with a massive environment to explore. Like most online games, players can enable and access the developer console and insert various commands to debug different aspects of the game. Whether you want to teleport to new regions, spawn in an object for size reference, or simply unlock something, there’s probably a command for it. Here’s a complete list of Subnautica Below Zero console commands and a guide on using them.

How to activate the console in Subnautica Below Zero

  1. Press F3 to open the menu.
  2. Press F8 to activate your mouse cursor.
  3. Uncheck “Disable Console.”
  4. Press Enter or ~ to open the console.

To activate the Subnautica Below Zero console commands, PC players can press F3 to open up the console and press F8 for a cursor. Uncheck the box next to the “disable console” option. Then, pressing either the Enter key or ~ opens up the console. From the console, players can type in any of the commands found below.

After entering a command, simply press the Enter key to activate it. You can also press the up and down arrows on your keyboard to sort through previously typed commands.

Subnautica Below Zero Console Commands

Below, we’ve outlined a complete list of Subnautica Below Zero console commands broken out by general, technical, weather, item, and teleporting categories. Depending on what you want to use console commands, you’ll likely want to navigate to a different section to find the appropriate functions.

General Console Commands

item [NAME] [#]Adds a number of a specific item to your inventory (one item by default). Example: “item titanium 2” adds two titanium to your inventory.
spawn [NAME] [#]Spawns a number of objects in front of you (one object by default). Example: “spawn hoopfish 2” adds two hoopfish in front of you.
baseflood [#]Floods all player-made bases (1 means flooded, 0 means not flooded).
BobthebuilderEnables fast build, unlock all, no cost, fast grow and fast hatch, and adds a Habitat BUilder, Scanner, Survival Knife, and Repair Tool to the player’s inventory
BubblesSpawns air bubbles around you.
charge [#]Charges batteries in your inventory to a given percent (0 means no charge, 1 means full charge).
ClearinventoryDelete your entire inventory.
ColdToggles the cold effect on a player.
damage [#]Sets universal damage multiplier to a number.
DamagebaseBeaches all the Seabases.
dig [#]Removes terrain around a player in a sphere, where the number is the diameter in meters (“dig 100” for max).
ency [NAME]Unlocks a database entry. Example “ency hoopfish” unlocks the hoopfish entry.
FastbuildEnables quick build of modules with Habitat Builder.
FastgrowEnables fast growing of all plantable flora when placed in a planter.
FasthatchEggs hatch in a few moments when set in Alien Containments.
FastscanEnables faster scanning when using the scanner.
FastswimEnables fast swimming mode, giving you a big speed boost while holding the left shift key.
FilterfastWater Filtration machines filter much faster.
FiltersaltMakes all the Water Filtration Machines on the map fabricate salt immediately.
FilterwaterMakes all the Water Filtration Machines on the map fabricate Large Filtered Water immediately.
Changes the game mode to whatever you choose.
FreezeFreezes all small fish.
FreezeplayerFreeze the player.
goal [NAME] [NAME]Triggers a story goal, between PDA, Radio, Encyclopedia and Story. Choose the goal, followed by the story name. Example: goal pda helloworld.
goalreset [NAME]Removes a Story Goal, and can be used in the same was as the command above.
Hoverbikevariant1Changes Snowfoxes to variant 1, giving thme infinite boost and higher jump.
Hoverbikevariant2Changes Snowfoxes to variant 2, giving thme infinite boost and higher jump.
HypnosisoffEnables the hypnosis effect (Lily Paddler’s)
HypnosisonDisables the hypnosis effect (Lily Paddler’s)
IcewormhuntmodeoffDisables Ice Worm hunt mode.
IcewormhuntmodeonEnables Ice Worm hunt mode.
InstagibEnables one-hit kills on all creatures.
InvisibleCreatures ignore the player, and vehicles do not take hull damage.
KillRespawns the player inside the drop pod.
LaunchrocketForces launch of the Exchanger Rocket.
NoblueprintsUnlocks all the blueprints.
NobubblesDisables the breath bubbles.
NocostMakes Fabricators, Habitat Builder, Vehicle Bay, Upgrade Console, and mod Station free to use.
NodamageToggle damage on and off.
NoenergyToggles the power usage for vehicles, tools, and Seabases.
NohintsToggles game hints on or off.
nopressureToggles the pressure effects on Seabses and Vehicles.
NosurvivalDisables foot and water requirements on survival and hardcore mode.
ongoal [NAME]Completes a story goal. Example: ongoal all unlocks all the story goals.
OxygenGives an unlimited amount of oxygen, but won’t save you if you’re already out of oxygen.
ResetmotormodeGoes into swim mode while in an underwater Architect base.
resourcesfor [NAME]Provides resources for craftable items. Example: resourcesfor knife will give a Silicone Rubber and Titanium.
RotfoodMakes all the food in a player’s inventory rot.
SchoolfishrepulsedbyplayerToggles shoals fleeing from a player.
SeaglideWill automatically spawn a Seaglide infront of you.
ShotgunEnabled/Disables the shotgun mode. In this mode creatures will be killed by being right clicked.
StartexchangerquestAutomatically warps you to the Exchanger Rocket.
story [NAME]Move forward in the current story to a designated point. Use “story help” to see the individual commands.
story help [NAME]Get a description of the story provided by [NAME].
supplydrop [NAME]Will start a supply drop of the designated name. Use “supplydropall” to get a full list of names.
SupplydropallGet a list of all of the supply drops.
takedamage [#]Will damage the player. [#] represents the % damage taken with a max health of 100%.
UnfreezeWill unfreeze all of the small fish.
UnfreezeplayerWill unfreeze the player.
unlock [NAME]Will unlock the specified blueprint in [NAME].
UnlockallGains access to every blueprint.
UnlockallbuildablesGains accesses all the blueprints from the Habitat Builder.
UnlockdoorsWill disable all the forcefields within the Architect Bases.

Technical Commands

Toggle camera bobbing on and off
camshakeInitiates camera shaking.
collectInitiates a garbage collection script.
debughoverbikeToggles the Snowfox debugging menu, which is only visible while on a Snowfox.
debugmusicLists the music playing, if any.
debugstartmapPlaces 1000 black cubes at the starting spot.
entresetResets all the loaded entities.
farplane [#]Changes viewing distance to a number, with 1000 being default.
fogToggles the in-game fog on and off.
fpsToggles FPS display on or off.
freecamAllows you to leabe your character and look around. Enter the command again to return.
gameresetResets the terrain, but could cause problems if used inside a vehicle.
ghostEnables ghost mode, allowing you to free roam.
icewormMakes all Ice Worms to start the ground-exit animations and then return into the ground.
interpolateToggles interpolation for player movements.
killvehicleMakes Seatrucks blow up.
limitshadow [#]Limits the shadows to a specific number radius.
listambienceLists ambience files in the game.
listmusicLists music files in the game.
nobloomTurns off bloom.
noshadowsTurns off shadows.
pcannonMakes all items that you can pick up with propulsion cannons have a blue glow, and enables neoenergy command.
printbiomeShows what biome you’re in right now.
ribToggles running in background for the game.
scene [NAME]Loads a scene based on NAME parameter.
sizerefSpawns a Wasabi One diver, and you can use it as a size reference.
skiptrackSkips the current track.
spikeytraphuntForces Spike Traps to go into hunting mode.
spikeytraprestForces Spike Traps to go into resting mode.
targetToggles a target debug.
targetframerate [#]Sets the maximum in-game frame rate.
techtype [NAME]Princes the techtype for a given name, which you can use to get debug spawn commands.
vranimEnables VR animations.
vsyncTurns on or off vertical sync.
weatherguiToggles the weather debug GUI.

Weather Console Commands

dayChanges time of day to 12 noon.
nightChanges time to midnight.
accelweather [#]Accelerates the future weather to a given number.
daynight [#]Sets the time of day, where 0 and 1 are midnight and 0.5 is noon.
daynightspeed [#]Sets the day and night cycle multiplier, where default is 1.
forcenextweatherAdvances the current weather to the next one.
lightningToggles lightning on or off.
precipitationToggles rain on or off.
resetweatherRerolls the next 24 hours of random weather.
skiptime [#]Skips a number of seconds, where one day equals 1200 seconds.
weatherToggles weather .
weathevent [name]Sets the current weather to a given name, either blizzard, calm, clearskies, electricstorm, hailstorm, heavyfog, lightfog, lightsnow, rain, snowstorm, whiteoutblizzard.
windToggles the wind.

Item Console Commands

eggsRecieve all of the creature eggs
exosuitarmsRecieve all of the Prawn Suit arms
exosuitupgradesRecieve all of the Prawn Suit Upgrades
hatchingtimeProvides you with a Lightweight High Capacity Tank, Fins, Rebreather, Ion Cubes x3, Hatching Enzymes and a Seaglide
madlootProvides you with Batteries x3, Titanium x10, Glass x10, a Scanner, a Habitat Builder and a Survivial Knife
nicelootProvides you with Compass, Table Coral Sample, Coral Tube Sample, Copper Ore, Mercury Ore, Silver Ore, Ruby, Magnetite, Nickel Ore, Lithium, Uraninite Crystal, Gold, Salt Deposit, Rebreather, Metal Salvage, Ultra High Capacity Tank, Reinforced Dive Suit, Compass
precursorkeysProvides you with a precursor key of each color
seatruckupgradesProvides all of the Sea Truck upgrades
spawnlootProvides you with a Salt Deposit, Gold, Copper Ore, Quartz, Content Magnesium and Metal Salvage x4
toolsProvides you with a Pathfinder Tool, Laser Cutter, Repair Tool, Light Stick, Flare, Survival Knife, Flashlight, Propulsion Cannon, Habitat Builder and an Air Bladder
vehicleupgradesProvides the player with all of the upgrades
Recieves the ability to unlock all of the Jukebox tracks via single dropped Jukebox Disk

Teleport Console Commands

warp [x] [y] [z]Warps you to given coordinates.
batch [x] [y] [z]Warps you to the center of a batch.
chunk [x] [y] [z]Teleports you to a chunk (chunk -400, -400, -400 is the center of Sector Zero)
gotofast [NAME]Similar to the goto command, but teleports there instead.
gotospam [NAME]Spams teleport until the game is excitied or goto stop is executed.
gotostopStops the gotospam command.
spawnnearbyTeleports players half a meter in a random direction.
warpforward [#]Warps the player forward a number of meters, but does not work in vehicles.

The “biome [name]” command can be used to teleport to any particular biome. The full biome list is found below.

  • arcticSpires (Arctic Spires)
  • crystalcave (Crystal Caves)
  • crystalcavefissure (Crystal Caves Fissure)
  • deeplilypads (Deep Lilypads Cave)
  • deeppurple (Deep Purple Vents)
  • deeppurplevents (Deep Purple Vents)
  • deeptwisty (Deep Twisty Bridges)
  • deltaisland (Delta Island)
  • easticeberg (East Arctic)
  • fabricatorcave (Fabricator Caverns)
  • glacialbasin (Glacial Basin)
  • glacialbasindarkcave (Glacial Basin Ice Fissure)
  • glacialbasintrees (Glacial Basin Forest)
  • glacialbasinwatercave (Glacial Basin Underwater Tunnels)
  • GlacialBay (Glacial Bay)
  • introarea (Outpost Zero)
  • introicecave (ice cave leading to Architect Gate Base)
  • kelp (Arctic Kelp Forest)
  • kelpcave (Arctic Kelp Caves)
  • lilypadcrevice (Lilypads Crevice)
  • lilypadisland (Lilypad Islands)
  • lilypads (Lilypad Islands)
  • miningsite (Koppa Mining Site)
  • purplevents (Purple Vents)
  • purpleventscrevice (Purple Vents Crevice)
  • shallowtwistybridges (Shallow Twisty Bridges)
  • sparsearctic (Sparse Arctic)
  • thermalspires (Thermal Spires)
  • thermalspirescave (Thermal Spires Cave)
  • treespires (Tree Spires)
  • twistybridges (Twisty Bridges)
  • westiceberg (West Arctic)

The “goto [name]” command can be used to teleport to any location. Find the full list of locations below:

  • arcticspirescache (Arctic Spires Cache)
  • bigtreespire (Big Tree Spire)
  • crashedship1 (Stern half of the Mercury II)
  • crashedship2 (Bow half of the Mercury II)
  • crashedship3 (Detached thruster of the Mercury II)
  • crystalcastlecache (Crystal Caves Cache)
  • deeppadscache (Deep Lilypads Cave Cache)
  • deltabase (Delta Station)
  • DeltaIslandFirstVisit (Area near the Delta Island dock)
  • deltatower (Communications Tower)
  • easticeberginterior (Moulin in an iceberg in the West Arctic)
  • emergencyCache (Emergency Supply Cache in Arctic Kelp Forest)
  • fabricatorbase (Fabricator Base)
  • FirstEncounterPathCheck (Area leading up to an exit to a cave on Delta Island)
  • FirstEncounterStart (Trigger point for the first encounter with Marguerit Maida)
  • FrozenCreature (Phi Excavation Site)
  • GlacialBasinBunker (Parvan’s Bunker)
  • glacialbasindock (Dock on the Glacial Bay shore)
  • GlacialBasinLandBeacon (Trigger point for revealing the Phi Robotics Landing Pad beacon)
  • glacialconnection (Seabed of the Glacial Connection)
  • HoverbikeBase (Phi Robotics Center)
  • icewormarena2 (Deepest region of the Arctic Spires)
  • icewormdebugarea (Ice Worm debug area)
  • IntroRespawnLocation (Passenger shuttle crash site)
  • KelpTechsite1 (Tech site located between the border of an Arctic Kelp Forest and the Sparse Arctic)
  • margbase (Marguerit Maida’s Base)
  • MargBaseFirstApproach (The workroom in Marguerit Maida’s Base)
  • margGreenhouse (Marguerit’s Greenhouse)
  • miningsite (Koppa Mining Site)
  • outpostomega (Omega Lab)
  • outpostzero (Outpost Zero)
  • precursortechsite1 (Water Analyzer Artifact in an Arctic Kelp Cave)
  • precursortechsite10 (Mineral Distillery Artifact within a Thermal Spires Cave)
  • precursortechsite11 (Ground Sampler Artifact within the dormant caldera in the East Arctic)
  • precursortechsite12 (Satellite Artifact atop an iceberg in the East Arctic)
  • precursortechsite13 (Fish Trap Artifacts within the Lilypads Crevice)
  • precursortechsite14 (Fossil Excavator Artifact in the Deep Purple Vents)
  • precursortechsite15 (Greenhouse Artifact within a cave in the Arctic Spires)
  • precursortechsite2 (Water Analyzer Artifact in the Purple Vents)
  • precursortechsite3 (Obelisk Artifact in the Arctic Kelp Caves)
  • precursortechsite4 (Obelisk Artifact in the Deep Twisty Bridges)
  • precursortechsite5 (Exploration Site Artifact on the Delta Island)
  • precursortechsite6 (Ground Sampler Artifact in the Tree Spires under the southern Ventgarden)
  • precursortechsite7 (Energy Generator Arfifacts in a cave within the Glacial Bay)
  • precursortechsite8 (Monument Artifact in an Arctic Kelp Cave)
  • precursortechsite9′ (Statue Artifact in the Koppa Mining Site)
  • purpleventssalvage (Wreck in the Purple Vents)
  • rocket (Communications Tower)
  • RocketAreaRockCave (Cave on the Delta Island)
  • sanctuary (Sanctuary Zero)
  • shieldbase (Entrance to the Architect Gate Base)
  • shieldbasetop (Location of where the upper floor of the Architect Gate Base used to be)
  • shipwrecksalvage (Location within the Mercury II’s stern mesh)
  • stalkerDebugArea (Snow Stalker debug area)
  • twistybridgesvalleyfloor (near the cave leading to the entrance to Sanctuary Zero)
  • TwistyTechsite1 (Tech site in Twisty Bridges)
  • TwistyTechsite2 (Tech site in Twisty Bridges)
  • TwistyTechsite3 (Tech site in Twisty Bridges)
  • ventgarden (Ventgarden in the southern section of the Tree Spires)
  • westiceberginterior (Moulin in an iceberg in the West Arctic)

Subnautica Below Zero released on May 14 for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S, and is available on PC via Steam.

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