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How to make Nerd in Little Alchemy

All you need to do is mix the correct elements and, poof, you got your human! 
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Little Alchemy is a simple yet very addicting game that allows you to create many things, from a planet to heavenly bodies to human beings. All you need to do is mix the correct elements, and poof, you got your human! But the developers don’t stop there. You can create a specific type of human. You know, our kind—the Nerd.

How to make a Nerd in Little Alchemy

To make a Nerd in Litle Alchemy, you need to mix Glasses and Humans. Both have their separate recipes, which we’ll list down below.

How to make Glasses

Screenshot via Gamer Journalist
  1. Combine Fire and Air to create Energy. Set it aside.
  2. Mix Water and Earth to make Mud. Set it aside.
  3. Create Lava by combining Earth and Fire
  4. Time to make Rain. Mix Water and Air
  5. Time to use our new elements. Mix Lava and Air to create Stone.
  6. Use Rain and mix it with Earth to create Plant
  7. We’d now mix Stone and Air to create Sand. We’ll be making one of our first essential elements.
  8. Time to build our first building block for our Nerd! Mix Sand and Fire to make some Glass
  9. Combine two “Glass” to create a Glasses.

We’ve now acquired our first element in creating our Nerd. We’ll focus now on creating a human.

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How to make a Human in Little Alchemy

Screenshot via Gamer Journalist
  1. Get the Plant and Mix it with Mud to create a Swamp
  2. Mix the Swamp and Energy to create Life.
  3. Let’s play as the creator and let’s mix Life and Earth to create Humans.
  4. Mix Human and Glasses, and you’ll have your Nerd.

There you have it! With the Nerd unlock, you can now create a Computer that opens a lot of advanced technical elements.

Can you make Nerd in Little Alchemy 2?

Sadly, you can’t make Nerds in Little Alchemy 2. The option might be available in a future update.

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