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How to Find a Gilded Ginger in Slime Rancher

Panning for gold... vegetables?
gilded ginger in slime rancher
Image via Monomi Park

Slime Rancher is more than your average farm game. Adorable, hands-on, dangerous, and exciting, there is something for everyone behind the cutesy slimes. But if you really want to make big money, then you’ll want to be prepared for when a Gold Slime comes wriggling by. Sure, you can feed it basic food to acquire the valuable gold plorts, but advanced ranchers will already have a Gilded Ginger on stand-by for such an occasion. If you want to be amongst the ranks of legendary ranchers, then here is how to find the Gilded Ginger in Slime Rancher.

Where the Gilded Ginger grows

The Gilded Ginger is an incredibly rare vegetable exclusive to the Glass Desert. You may need to set aside a whole in-game day to hunt one down. Only one will spawn in one of the 74 locations in the Glass Desert. At 5am, if the veggie hasn’t been vacced up, then it’ll despawn and respawn in one of the other locations. It will never spawn near the player.

gilded ginger locations in slime rancher
Image via Slime Rancher Wiki Fandom

The Glass Desert is expansive, with many nooks and crannies, but thankfully the Gilded Ginger will sparkle and produce a tingley sound when you are near it. One useful tip would be to place an Echo where you found it to mark one of its locations.

Upon seeing the Gilded Ginger, if you are so lucky, all you need to do is vac it in the vacpac and try to survive getting home.

vaccing gilded ginger in slime rancher
Image via Monomi Park

Given the rarity of this vegetable, experienced ranchers will set up echoes and teleporters all around the Glass Desert to try and find the Gilded Ginger as quick as possible every day to stockpile them.

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Uses for the Gilded Ginger

The Gilded Ginger is the Gold Slime’s favourite food. If you see one of those shiny slimes and shoot it with the Gilded Ginger, then five gold plorts will shoot from the slime! This has the potential to bring in a huge amount of cash, especially if you are stockpiling to wait for a good deal on the Plort Market.

If you have a master gordo snare, then using a Gilded Ginger as bait will guarantee a Gold Slime Gordo, a slime not obtainable anywhere else in adventure mode. You could then just keep the gordo as a trophy, or you could pop it for immense rewards.

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