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How to Make a Fairy Shiny Sandwich in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Add a dash of magic
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The Shiny Hunt is on. Whether you are completing the Paldea Pokédex or building that Shiny collection, use the helpful tool of the Picnic function in Scarlet and Violet to make your life a little easier in your search. Buy common ingredients, experiment with combinations and fight those 5- and 6-Star Tera Raid Pokémon to obtain those magic Herbs. Complete the main game to gain access to these challenging Tera Raid Battles. The odds of encountering a Shiny Pokémon is 1/4096 chance. Increase these odds through the Picnic and Town Method. Use the Shiny Charm and make those special Shiny Sandwiches. Here is our guide on how to make a Fairy Shiny Sandwich in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

What is a Fairy Shiny Sandwich?

A Shiny Sandwich is used specifically to enhance the encountering chances of a Shiny Pokémon. Depending on the common ingredients you use determines which Pokémon-Type the Meal Powers target. These Meal Powers offer a temporary, 30-minute increased chance of catching, encountering and bonuses such as EXP and dropped items. Sandwiches can be either bought as pre-made recipes or made at the Picnic function in the game.

The Meal Powers are:

  • Catching – Pokémon catch chance increases.
  • Encounter – Pokémon encountering chance increases.
  • EXP – EXP increases.
  • Humungo – Large Pokémon chance increases.
  • Teensy – Small Pokémon chance increases.
  • Title – Titled Pokémon chance increases.
  • Sparkling – Shiny Pokémon chance increases.
  • Item Drop – Dropped item chance increase by Pokémon.
  • Raid – Dropped item chance increase by Tera Raid Pokémon.
  • Egg – Increased chance of Pokémon eggs in Picnic basket.

Fairy Shiny Sandwich Recipes

For players looking to complete the Paldea Pokédex or build a collection of Shiny Pokémon, the Shiny Sandwiches made in the Picnic function will aid you in your search. The Fairy Shiny Sandwich recipes are:

  • Simple Fairy Shiny Sandwich Recipe – x1 Tomato, x1 Salty Herba Mystica & x1 Spicy Herba Mystica .
  • Intermediate Fairy Shiny Sandwich Recipe – x1 Tomato, x1 Cheese, x1 Egg, x1 Salty Herba Mystica & x1 Sweet/Spicy/Sour Herba Mystica.
  • Expert Fairy Shiny Sandwich Recipe – x2 Tomato, x1 Prosciutto, x1 Red Bell Pepper, x1 Green Bell Pepper, x1 Yellow Bell Pepper, x1 Bitter Herba Mystica, x1 Spicy Herba Mystica.

The Fairy Shiny Sandwich will temporary help locate the Shiny Fairy-Type Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet. Such as Florges, Dachsbun, Sylveon and Mimikyu. The stats for these Shiny Sandwiches always guarantee the Meal Powers of x3 Sparkling Power, x3 Title Power and x3 Encounter Power. In this guide we will show you how to make an Intermediate Fairy Shiny Sandwich.

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Where to Get Tomato

The crucial ingredient for the Fairy Shiny Sandwich is x1 Tomato. Players can buy a Tomato in Sure Cans. This stall is located both inside Mesagoza (refer to the screenshot below for an exact location) and the Porto Marinada Market. Mesagoza is the central city of Paldea and the first you will visit at the beginning of Scarlet and Violet. In Sure Cans, players can pick up a small number of common ingredients such as Strawberry, Banana and Apple. The second location for Sure Cans is in the Porto Marinada on the far west side of Paldea, on the border. The Porto Marinada stall is on the far-right aisle next to Deli Cioso.

Image via Nintendo

Another location where you can purchase Tomato is at the Aqueista Supermarket in Levincia. This is the far-right city on the eastern side of Paldea. This city can be found on the east Paldea border. In this Supermarket, it includes the majority of items found in Deli Cioso, Sure Cans and Artisan Bakery. It also includes the rarer ingredients such as Klawf Sticks and Wasabi. The pricing for Tomato is 100 Pokémon Dollars in all stores. Refer to the screenshot below for an exact location of Aqueista Supermarkets in Levincia.

Image via Nintendo

Where to Get Cheese

Players can purchase Cheese in the Artisan Bakery. Both inside central Paldea city Mesagoza and the Porto Marinada Markets on the western side of Paldea. Refer to the screenshot below of the exact location of Artisan Bakery in Mesagoza. Cheese costs 120 Pokémon Dollars and can also be purchased in Levincia’s Aqueista Supermarket. This purchase is only useful for the Intermediate version of the Fairy Shiny Sandwich recipes. We recommend choosing this recipe. As players are not required to pick up duplicate Herba Mystica or multiple common ingredients. Making the Intermediate recipe the best for saving money and time.

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Where to Get Egg

Players can only purchase Egg in the Deli Cioso stalls. Deli Cioso is located both in Mesagoza, opposite Sure Cans and in the Porto Marinada. You cannot buy Eggs in the Aqueista Supermarkets. There is another Deli Cioso location on the eastern side of Paldea. The town is located in South Province (Area Three) called Artazon. If you have already visited this town when heading to Levincia, you can fast travel here. This just helps as another location to shop at. Instead of continuously flying back to Mesagoza to buy ingredients. Depending on where a Mass Outbreak appears. Or if you are using the Picnic or Town Method at a specific town/city will determine which shop you visit to buy your ingredients.

Egg is sold at 80 Pokémon Dollars in Deli Cioso. Refer to the screenshot below of Deli Cioso’s location in Artazon.

Image via Nintendo

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How to Get Herba Mystica

Herba Mysticas cannot be purchased. The only method of obtaining these Herbs is through 5- and 6- Star Tera Raids. Players are required to complete the base-game of the three main questlines: Path of Legends, Starfall Street and Victory Road. Upon completion and seeing the credits (beat the final Boss in Area Zero) players will unlock the 5-Star Raids. You must also revisit the Gym Leaders and battle once more to complete the Academy Ace Tournament. When this is done, players must then defeat a minimum of 15 of the 5-Star Raids to gain access to 6-Star Raids. Afterwards you will receive a call from Mr. Jacq, giving access to 6-Star Raids.

This is not necessary to do to obtain Herba Mystica. As we recommend facing 5-Star Pokémon over 6-Star to get the Herbs. It is still useful to have both as a possible means to farm Herbs. The Herba Mystica are key to making Shiny Sandwiches as these increase your encountering chances. The chances of obtaining Herba Mystica is very small. With a 24% chance in 5-Star and a 28% chance in 6-Star Raids. Salty Herba Mystica is crucial in all recipes. The Tera Pokémon which can drop this ingredient needed in both Simple and Intermediate Fairy Shiny Sandwiches are:

Salty Herba Mystica Raid Pokémon

  • 5 Star – Amoonguss, Avalugg, Blissey, Cetitan, Cloyster, Coalossal, Copperajah, Corviknight, Dondozo, Drifblim, Eelektross, Garganacl, Gengar, Glalie, Greedent, Hippowdon, Orthworm, Palafin & Slowbro
  • 6 Star – Amoonguss, Avalugg, Blissey, Cetitan, Corviknight, Dachsbun, Dondozo, Farigiraf, Garganacl, Hippowdon, Klawf, Orthworm, Pelipper, Torkoal, Toxapex & Vaporeon

Sweet Herba Mystica Raid Pokémon

  • 5 Star – Altaria, Amoonguss, Blissey, Cetitan, Drifblim, Dondozo, Dragalge, Eelektross, Florges, Gengar, Glalie, Goodra, Gothitelle, Hatterene, Mimikyu, Mismagius, Palafin, Slowking & Tinkaton
  • 6 Star – Amoonguss, Blissey, Cetitan, Clodsire, Dondozo, Farigiraf, Frosmoth, Goodra, Mimikyu, Slowking, Toedscruel, Tinkaton, Umbreon & Vaporeon

Spicy Herba Mystica Raid Pokémon

  • 5 Star – Arcanine, Amoonguss, Abomasnow, Annihilape, Blissey, Breloom, Braviary, Baxcalibur, Bombirdier, Brambleghast, Cetitan, Ceruledge, Dragonite, Drifblim, Dondozo, Eelektross, Flapple, Frimmsnarl, Falinks, Gengar, Gyarados, Gallade, Glalie, Garchomp, Haxorus, Hariyama, Honchkrow, Indeedee, Krookadile, Kingambit, Luxray, Mudsdale, Mabostiff, Palafin, Passimian, Revavroom, Scyther, Scizor, Slaking, Salamence, Staraptor, Tauros, Tyranitar & Tsareena
  • 6 Star – Amoonguss, Annihilape, Blissey, Baxcalibur, Breloom, Bombirdier, Ceruledge, Cetitan, Dragonite, Dondozo, Flareon, Farigiraf, Garchomp, Gallade, Gyarados, Heracross, Haxorus, Kingambit, Lycanroc, Leafeon, Mabostiff, Pawmot, Pincurchin, Revavroom, Scizor, Salamence, Staraptor, Tauros, Tyranitar & Vaporeon

Sour Herba Mystica Raid Pokémon

  • 5 Star – Amoonguss, Arboliva, Armarouge, Appletun, Blissey, Clawitzer, Camerupt, Cetitan, Drifblim, Dondozo, Eevee, Eelektross, Glimmora, Gardevoir, Gengar, Glalie, Hydreigon, Houndoom, Magnezone, Oranguru, Palafin, Pincurchin, Polteageist, Rotom, Tatsugiri, Toxtricity, Volcarona & Zoroark.
  • 6 Star – Amoonguss, Armarouge, Blissey, Clawitzer, Cetitan, Dragalge, Dondozo, Espeon, Farigiraf, Gengar, Gardevoir, Glimmora, Glaceon, Magnezone, Mydreigon, Sylveon, Vaporeon & Volcarona.

Due to the small chance of both 5- and 6-Star Tera Raid Pokémon dropping Herba Mystica, Game Freak has added the increased odds of obtaining these Herbs through battling specific Tera Pokémon. Battling these list of Pokémon increases the Herb odds from 24 to 76% in 5-Star and 28 to 83% in 6-Star Raids. The Pokémon you should target which are far more likely to drop all types of Herba Mystica are listed below.

5-Star Raid Pokémon

  • Gengar
  • Blissey
  • Glalie
  • Drifblim
  • Amoongus
  • Eelektross
  • Dondozo
  • Palafin
  • Cetitan

6-Star Raid Pokémon

  • Blissey
  • Amoongus
  • Vaporeon
  • Dondozo
  • Farigiraf
  • Cetitan

That is how to find all ingredients for the Intermediate Fairy Shiny Sandwich in Scarlet and Violet. Remember that for all Shiny Sandwiches, players are required to use x1 Salty Herba Mystica. Depending on the Pokémon-Type you are looking to encounter will change the common ingredients. Although there are more common ingredients to purchase in the Intermediate recipe, players will have better luck obtaining any of the three other Herb types: Spicy/Sweet/Sour to complete the recipe. For more Pokémon Scarlet and Violet content and Shiny Sandwich recipes, see our related: How to Make an Electric Shiny Sandwich in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. Thank you for reading!

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