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How to loot fast in Rust

How to loot fast in Rust

Rust is one of those games where you need to be cautious and quick in everything you do. Failure to do so could mean your demise and the loss of all your hard-earned items. Looting is one of those things you want to do as fast as possible. Most veteran Rust players have been in a situation where they down a few enemies and move in for the loot, only to be taken out by a nearby player waiting for their opportunity. To avoid this, you should know how to loot fast in Rust.

How to loot fast in Rust

To loot quickly in Rust, you should enable hover loot, also known as quick loot or auto-loot. Hit escape and head into the Options tab. Go to Controls, and scroll down until you see the option Hover Loot. From there, bind a key you want to use to enable hover loot. Click on the button columns to attach a primary and secondary key to hover loot. Many players like to use an easily accessible button for hover loot, such as mouse4. 

Hover Loot in Rust

Hover loot allows you to hit the bound key and automatically loot items by mousing over them. Whether it be a player, a crate, or your tool cabinet, you can quickly transfer items to your inventory by mousing over them. Doing this is far quicker and more efficient than right-clicking each item. 

Even though Rust has been out for over six years, many players are still not aware of the hover loot option. Now you know how to loot fast in Rust, so you have no excuse to get caught in an open field taking your opponent’s items. 

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