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Rust Twitch Drops Make a Comeback with Round 14

Rust Twitch Drops Round 14 begins on February 3
Rust Twitch Drops Round 14

Twitch Drops are making a comeback for the popular hardcore survival game Rust. Beginning on February 3 and running through February 11 at midnight, players can watch their favorite Rust streamers to get some exclusive in-game loot. There are a lot of cool skins up for grabs, including some for the LR300 and the MP5, as well as a Garage Door, Vagabond Jacket, a Locker, and other cosmetics.

Everything you need to know about the Rust Twitch Drops Round 14 is outlined below. Remember, the promotion is live between February 3 at 6 p.m. and February 11 at midnight. If you’re a Rust player, this is a good opportunity to snag some in-game freebies.

Rust Streamer Twitch Drops

Rust Twitch Drops Round 14
Image via Twitch/Amazon

Rust Twitch Drops

  • Boonie Hat – Watch Memeio for three hours
  • Locker – Watch Sven for six hours
  • Thompson – Watch ella_playz for three hours
Rust Twitch Drops Round 14
Image via Twitch/Amazon

How to Get Twitch Drops for Rust

Viewers can obtain Rust Twitch drops by watching eligible Twitch streamers with the Drops Enabled tag. All Rust streams count towards earning drops. However, all streamer-specific drops require you to watch specific channels to get them. We have the list of participating streamers above that you can check out.

You can check your Twitch Drops for Rust progress on the Twitch Drops inventory page at any time. Drops can take up to ten minutes or more to show up in your game after pressing the Claim button from the Twitch Drops page. You cannot earn drops faster by watching more than one channel at one time. There is no requirement to be a Twitch Prime member to be eligible for drops!

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