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How to Level Your Steam Account Fast

A step-by-step guide on how to level your Steam account quickly
How to Level Your Steam Account

Leveling up your Steam account comes with various perks like a bigger friends list, additional showcases for your profile, and a more reputable account. You also show up higher on other people’s friends’ lists on their profiles since the list is sorted by levels. No matter the reason for leveling your steam account, we’ve got a step-by-step guide you can follow to learn how to do it quickly. 

While it is not necessary to level your Steam account, we’ve outlined a few reasons why you may want to do it. If you’re someone who wants to unlock the full customization potential for your profile, this is an excellent option for some extra features.

How to Level Your Steam Account Fast

The quickest way to level up your Steam account is by crafting Badges. Many games on Steam have Badges associated with them, comprised of a predetermined number of Steam Trading Cards. Users can earn Trading Cards on Steam in various ways, usually by purchasing a participating game, playing the game, or purchasing and trading for Cards directly from other players on the market. More information on how to acquire Steam Trading Cards is outlined on Steam’s website here.

Because some games require only five cards to craft a badge, while others may require ten or more cards, there is an efficient way to level your account. You can make use of the third-party Steam Tools website. The website considers card prices and the number of cards for each game and will show you the cheapest card sets to purchase to make a badge. In turn, this results in the cheapest and quickest way to level your Steam account.

The process to level your Steam account fast is as follows:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Sort by Set Price in ascending order
  3. Find the cheapest Card Set and go to that game’s badge page
  4. Buy each of the Cards on the market
  5. Craft Badges
  6. Rinse and repeat
How to Level Your Steam Account Fast with Steam Tools

Note that this method of leveling your account will cost real money since you purchase Cards from other players. Most Badges cap out at level five. That means maxing out that badge requires five of each card or 25 cards in total. At the time of writing, the cheapest Card sets are going for $0.25. That translates to $1.25 in total to get to level five and acquire 500 XP.

You can also trade your friends for the missing Cards you need to craft Badges. However, this will take more time and be a bit less efficient. Ultimately, since you will need to own a specific game to get that game’s Steam Trading Card drops, it is often cheaper to simply buy each card rather than purchase the game if your goal is to level your account.

Repeat this process for the cheapest Card Sets, and check the Steam Tools website daily for price fluctuations. In time, you will quickly level your Steam account without spending too much money.

Steam Account Leveling FAQ

What is the highest level account on Steam?

The highest level account on Steam is St4ck. The user has reached a Steam level of 5000 with over 6500 Badges.

How do you buy Steam Trading Cards?

Steam Trading Cards can be purchased on the Steam Market. To view your Steam Trading Cards, login to the Steam client or website. Go to the Badges section, and you can view your entire list of owned and required Trading Cards for Badges.

What do you get for leveling a Steam account?

Leveling a Steam account allows you to add more friends, unlock new profile showcases, and have better chances of receiving booster packs.

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