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How to Kill the Worm Cave Monsters in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Combat Guide

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In real life I do not know how those brave people go spelunking on the regular. The thought of a chamber getting filled with water with no way out is terrifying. It was likely through watching Sanctum (2011) as a teenager that I had developed this sense of claustrophobia of being in Caves that could at any point flood. But Link makes spelunking look incredibly easy, as the threat of floods or Cave collapses are nothing compared to the parasitic creatures that lurk inside the walls. I feel a bizarre connection of these Cave Worms to the giant Worm in Silent Hill 4: The Room, however these Worms are a little less threatening than the likes of Silent Hill. But taking these on can be tough if you do not use the appropriate equipment against them. Therefore, this is Vincent’s guide on how to defeat the Cave Worms in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Kill Cave Worms in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

As you go Cave dwelling, you may come across these bizarre looking, alien-like Cave Worms that pop out from holes or merge with walls similar to that of Eels. Whilst these monsters appear more stationary than others, they try to hide their flaw away from Link. This is the (no better word to use than) Sack that resides in their mouth. This glowing Sack dangling from their mouth like an out-of-place uvula. This is where all of your focus must go if you are trying to take one of these Cave Worms out. But to take these out, you will need the evolve like a caveman and utilize fire. To use fire, you need Fire Fruits. These can be found across Hyrule, specifically on the small trees located on its northern-side of the Region.

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The Fire Fruit works as a means of starting a fire, be that a wildfire or to craft a literal bomb through throwing this material at an enemy. You will need to aim the Fire Fruit via your throwing stance using ‘R‘ and selecting the Fire Fruit via the D-Pad to then throw the Fruit directly into the mouth of the Cave Worm. Keep in mind that you are aiming only for the Sack, so wait for the perfect moment to stun this enemy. Alternatively, you can attach Fire Fruit to the Bow via ‘ZR‘ and selecting the Fruit once again to then release with the Arrow and connect with the Sack.

Once the Sack is hit, the Cave Worm will collapse where you should then switch to a handheld weapon such as a Sword, Mallet or Spear. You need to direct all of your attention into the Sack which will appear in its fragile state for you to pummel as many hits as you can into it before having to repeat the process once again to stun the monster. With the Cave Worm defeated through multiple attempts of fire, stun and hit, you will obtain a Chest from the monster’s innards.

That was our combat guide on how to defeat Cave Worms in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. If you are looking for more Zelda guides, we have a lot more available over at Gamer Journalist with related articles available here. We hope you enjoyed this read, thank you for reading.

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