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How to Get Fire Arrows in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Who needs flint and steel?
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Looking for a way to truly weaponize your Bow? Well look no further than the Fire Arrow. These Arrows can be used to start fires or attack enemies, dealing greater damage than if you used a standard Arrow. But sometimes, adding fire to your Bow is essential in nabbing those impossible Chests, located high up against an unclimbable wall. How they got there, I do not know. But for those wanting to change up their gameplay, this is Vincent’s guide on where to make and how to use Fire Arrows in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Make Fire Arrows in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, Link will have many opportunities to experiment with his gear and weaponry. Be that through illuminating dark paths that are impossible to navigate through without a light source, or destroy nature through setting the scenery alight. In order to make Fire Arrows however, you will not be crafting for these Arrows specifically. The crafting system in Zelda does not work like games such as Horizon Zero Dawn or The Last of Us where you will need to ration out your ammo for fights. Instead, you need to find a specific item that can be used to make a Fire Arrow which will immediately be used upon the fusion of item and Arrow. This is the Fire Fruit.

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Fire Fruit can be found in trees where you will need to chop the tree down Minecraft style with an Axe in hand. The Fire Fruit will drop once the tree falls and should be held in your inventory for later use when making Fire Arrows. The trees you need to find are located on the north side of Hyrule.

How to Use Fire Arrows

Equip and draw Bow with ZR, then use the right arrow on the D-Pad and select Fire Fruit to combine the flame with the Arrow, thus creating the Fire Arrow. Release the Fire Arrow that can be used to destroy foliage and other nature, alongside causing damage to enemies. Fire Fruit can also be used to create Fire for those wanting to set up Camp to keep Link warm, rested and fed as you are given the option to sleep or make meals (so long as you have a Cooking Pot available for use). But the Fire Fruit can be used to cause other types of fires such as Wild Fires which can hurt enemies within the flame’s radius.

That was GJ’s guide on how to make Fire Arrows in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For more Zelda guides, we have a lot available at Gamer Journalist over here if you are looking for more content on this game. Thank you for reading this guide.

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