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How To Join PlayStation Stars Loyalty Program

PlayStation Stars has officially launched, bringing a new way for PlayStation gamers to engage with their favorite brand.
the playstation logo surrounded by a purple/blue circle with a star on the upper left. text below the logo reads "PlayStation Stars." the image is on a blue background with small points of light resembling stars. the space is also filled with large icons of the playstation controller buttons
Image via PlayStation

PlayStation has officially introduced a new loyalty rewards program with a new name and structure. PlayStation Stars is a free service that allows PlayStation gamers to earn special rewards for engaging with the PlayStation ecosystem. These rewards come in a variety of forms, but you’ll need to sign up before you can start unlocking them.

How To Join

Joining PlayStation Stars is pretty straightforward. First, head to the PS Stars website, where you’ll see options to join now and sign in. Even if you already have a PlayStation account, you’ll need to select the join now option to activate PlayStation Stars.

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Sign into your PlayStation account to enroll in the program, giving you access to all of its features. But while the webpage does offer details about PlayStation Stars, the PlayStation mobile app is where you’ll get the full experience.

What Is PlayStation Stars

menu screens from the PlayStation mobile app. the left hand image has the words "playstation stars" along the top, below which is a narrow image of a display case with trophies sitting in it. underneath that is the top of an image with gold coins in it under the titles "campaigns." the right hand image is a larger shot of the display case that is ice blue and features runes carved into the back of each shelf. on the top shelf is a white desk microphone and a small white bowl with a model t-rex and tree inside.
Image by Gamer Journalist

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program that provides players with rewards based on in-game achievements and PlayStation store purchases. These rewards come in two different forms: points and digital collectibles.

Points are a currency that you can redeem for other things like digital collectibles or full video games. While everyone can earn points, PlayStation Plus members also accrue them on every purchase they make from the PlayStation store. Points don’t last forever, though, expiring 24 months after they’re earned.

Digital collectibles are trophies you can earn or purchase and display in a digital case found within the PlayStation app. You can earn some digital collectibles by completing certain campaigns, while others are only available for purchase via points.

As you unlock trophies and purchase games, you also increase your Stars level. Each level comes with new rewards like unique digital collectibles and even priority status when calling PlayStation’s customer service line.

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