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How to Increase Your Valor Rank in Destiny 2 Season 13

How to Increase Your Valor Rank in Destiny 2 Season 13
Image via Bungie

Season 13 has brought Destiny 2 back from the brink. As a result, Bungie has been seeing an influx of new players back to the series that haven’t touched the title since Forsaken, myself included. This means that many people are out of the loop on how to reach max light, so I’ve made a point of helping you get high-level gear by showing you how to increase your Valor rank in Destiny 2. 

The Fastest Way to Increase Your Valor Rank in Destiny 2

Valor is obtained by playing non-competitive crucible games. Glory, on the other hand, is tied strictly to competitive style game modes. This makes Valor much easier to accrue. To increase your Valor as fast as possible, you need to be playing Rumble, Control, or the weekly rotation game mode. Combine general gameplay with bounties from Shaxx, and your Valor should be leveling up in no time. 

You never lose Valor for a loss, although you do gain more for a winning streak. Unless you’re playing with a fire team, then forget about this bonus. You’re not going to be able to carry your entire team every game, after all. 

Instead, if you’re playing solo, make a conscious point to complete bounties as you play as opposed to actively trying to win. Will this hammer your KD? Yes, but it’s by far the quickest way to climb up the ranks. 

If you get lucky with your timing, Bungie might be hosting a double or triple Valor week. Needless to say, if there is one of these weeks being hosted, make sure you’re playing as much as possible. 

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